Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Ugh, let me go ahead and warn you I am not in a good mood today... I honestly have no idea what has gotten me so ill, but I am... so if you see me in person today, I give you full permission to pretend like you didnt, duck away... :)

As far as paperwork goes....
- we finally got the police clearances in
- I have drafted our application letter, after it is approved, we will get it signed and notarized
- letter for the meds is ready for pick up

Today, Im kind of on the end of the chart where I just want to give up - Im tired of being tired, Im tired of the paperchase, Im tired of things getting messed up, Im tired of other people judging, Im tired of not being enough for some people.... I just want a week of vacation on a tropical island by myself where it is completely quiet - Im one of those true introvert people, and if I go too long without some absolute quiet time, I start going crazy...

Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.


On the money front....
- so far we have sold 40 of the 1000 puzzle pieces... if we sell 10 more, we will be at 0.5% of having it completely filled... :)

- the IRS finally agreed to give us our refund from Wallace's adoption... they estimate it taking 2-3 more weeks

- there is an art show in town for the month of December, and I have 6 pieces in the show... praying that they all sell

- hoping I can book 1 or 2 more families before the end of the year


Besides that, its pretty much just business and craziness at our house lately with all the holidays and family and adoption stuff and school finishing up for the semester.... I want to pull my hair out some days, but I know it will all turn out well.


Ive requested parent/teacher meetings with Wallace's teachers and his speech therapist... they pretty much told me that it had to be done during school hours b/c their time outside of school was more important than mine.


well, because they decided that, it means that since Daniel is also a teacher (on the other side of town), he wont be there.... and well, that means they pretty much just lost their buffer... Daniel has the nickname "the diplomat" for a reason, whereas mine is "rock thrower".... but yeah, mama bear has been woken up and she is about to come out.... and she has some sharp claws, especially when it comes to her baby bears.

And especially since they have refused me access to visit my non-verbal child's class during a normal class period just to watch....

they may be re-thinking some of those decisions after its all over. :)

So to the person who asked why I didnt change my profile pic to that of a "loving mother" - well, I think the one Ive picked works really well for this occasion b/c Im fixing to fight - and I cant say its going to be pretty, but I will walk out standing.... it also makes me wish that other people knew what it was like to be a parent of a special needs student so you know how hard we have to fight just to get what our kids need.  It shouldnt be that way.

see.... I warned you I wasnt in a good mood... :)

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Why can you take off to go and observe during normal school hours -at your own convenience- yet you dont want to have these meetings during normal school hours?
    I can hardly believe that daniel (being a teacher himself) would be so willing to arrange meetings with his students parents, outside of his "normal" working hours!!!
    And as far as having to fight so hard for a special needs child goes.... lets not forget YOU PICKED THIS CHILD, you shouldnt get so put out about having to put forth the extra effort that comes along with having a special needs child.

    Rock Thower is a very adequate description you have used to describe yourself.... you throw your rocks, as you HIDE behind your computer keyboard!!!

    I choose not to identify myself because unlike most of your blog readers i know the real addie and i refuse to have a confrontation with you!

    And I am sure you will delete this comment anyway, since it doesnt agree with your point of view!

  2. Nasty, nasty.... :)

    I can go observe Wallace in his normal school hours b/c I have a flexible lunch hour and observing Wallace in his own environment wouldnt take an hour, but yet, going through teachers will take at least an hour, which is inconvenient for me and for his teachers -whereas if I were allowed to observe, this wouldnt really require much on the teacher's part (When I was allowed to observe wallace in his classroom last year - that was the trigger that he needed to be moved - I saw it for myself)

    Daniel welcomes parents to come during normal school hours and is happy to meet with the parents outside of working hours, if it is a hardship to meet during school hours... he is a really great teacher and people-person that way.

    yes, thats right... b/c my child is special needs he doesnt deserve to have what every other "typical" child is given off the bat... whew, Im really glad you dont have a special needs child or they would be screwed

    You have alot of nerve to say Im the one hiding behind the keyboard when you wont even give your name - you are a COWARD!!!! (even though I know who you are) at least Im putting everything I say out there under my name and standing behind it. And Im betting you dont want to have a real confrontation with me b/c you know Im right... quit being a butthead and wasting my time and my readers time

    Oh, lookie - lookie, I didnt delete your comment... I think its good proof that there are ignorant people out there who are a lot of talk but cant be bothered to even sign their own name... pity...

    1. The people who know the real addie know the truth! So you can go on and put on your facade for all of the people who dont know how YOU really are!!! And just for your information!!! I do have a Special Needs Child!!! I have to go to my childs school to attend all of these same meetings that you are "fussing" about!!!!! I work as well..... so I hardly sympathize with you!!! If my child were in the same class as you child, i wpuld adimately oppose you being allowed to observe in an open setting because your appearance alone would serve as a distraction!!!
      And i will just go ahead and remain anonymous.... you think you have it all figured out anyway!!!!

      You might consider me a "rock thrower" like yourself... but hun, you are one easy target!!!

      Not too long ago a boy in FL was shot fpr looking less threatening than your cover photo!!!!

      Has you adoption agency seen the way you portray yourself??? Hard for me to beileve the would give you anymore children.... you look like you might offer small children as a sacrifices!!!!

  3. I apolozize for any typos and misspelling on my part... your LIES provoke me so greatly that it is all I can do to compose myself enough to respond... sometimes my fingers get ahead of my brain!

    I certainly wouldn't want those that you have so graciously invited to view my comments to think that I am Ignorant and uneducated!

  4. This is Daniel writing this post. If you are not a fan of Addie or adoption; why do you read this blog? Please if you just want to argue, move along. The past few posts are about the trials we are having with a local public school which our son attends. We love and support our school district; if I didn't want my kids there I would move them. We just want the best for Wallace. He needs to have structure and constant routine. Not just for classroom discipline, but also for his health and growth. I do regret that the school has been hard to deal with. I know that my school is different, but I maintain an open door policy with ALL MY PARENTS(and my kids are 8th graders). When it comes to parents a veteran teacher at a local elementary told me years ago that when you exclude parents, you invite problems. She told me to give my cell & home numbers to parents as a way to keep a open and working relationship. She was my guide in developing my own classroom procedures; by the way I have met with three sets of parents after hours this year alone and had two parents visit my class. We want to keep all our kids in our district (we pay a babysitter to get them to school) and the crazy thing is this..we are on their side. We want Wallace to behave, we want him to be good and do as he is told, because we are running out of time with him (we wasted so much time in the wrong class last year, before we found a teacher who could handle him). With every day he is getting older the window for reaching him is getting smaller, but we know he can do so much more. Also yes we chose Wallace, roughly 7 billion people either didn't care about him or couldn't care for him, we opened our hearts and our home and call him our son. And as a Talley he should be allowed the same learning environment as my other two kids. I do not anything special for my son; I just want him to learn. By the way; this should be second nature for any teacher. I just wanted to explain for all the nonteacher readers.

    1. I was pretty hyped up to respond but Daniel said it all so much better than I could.

      Nasty person - I DO know the real Addie, but it's obvious you don't. No matter who you are.

    2. I was pretty hyped up to respond but Daniel said it all so much better than I could.

      Nasty person - I DO know the real Addie, but it's obvious you don't. No matter who you are.

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  7. "you throw your rocks, as you HIDE behind your computer keyboard!!!" Says the chump who doesn't have the guts to post under their real name and has to hide under an anonymous tag. The easy target: You. Instead of being a little wuss how about you tell us all who you are and how you're the seasoned expert in who Addie Talley really is. Don't worry - I don't think you're ignorant or uneducated. Uneducated people can still be intelligent. I just think you're dumb.

    1. You hide behind a screen name as well.... rather HYPOCRITICAL.... dont ya think!???? :)

  8. I have to say, from my perspective, that anonymous doesn't really know Addie! I work with Addie, EVERYDAY. I will say she is the epitome of dynamite. She's a good worker, no matter what she is doing. I truly admire her. She is a great mother to all of her children, "special needs" or "normal"! How many people get to choose the kids they raise? Addie and Daniel chose Wallace. Anonymous, you need to get a grip and a life.

  9. It's okay Addie, & this is Allie, btw, don't worry about how others judge us. In the end their judgement isn't the judgement we should worry about :) God loves us all. We are all human & it is SO normal to get frustrated about the things you have to deal with when it comes to having children, though I don't have a special needs child & don't know what y'all go through on a day to day basis, I do know what it's like to get frustrated & that is okay. We all get frustrated with some of the things we deal with as parents whether or not we get to choose the child or children we have... I'm just saying, it's okay that you vent, it's great your standing up for children, roar if you want :) & who cares what others think :) God has our backs all the way
    & I love that pic, it says nothing about who you are as mother or person <3

    1. & to clear it up, I'm not the "anonymous" who was saying the nasty things, lol... I'm Allie :)

  10. Hold your head up Addie! From what I have seen ypu are awesome and Wallace is lucky to have you. Don't head to the naysayers... calm your soul sweet Addie. "Be still and know that I am God" psalms 46:10. Everything is in His strong and mighty hands. The people judging you by your looks don't know what it means to be a true christian. I love your looks and creativity. The world needs more people willing to be thereselves like you!

  11. I am flabbergasted that someone would say such malicious things on here, and then return for seconds. "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Addie, I'm just appalled and saddened at this person who is under the illusion that she knows "the real Addie" so well. That someone would make judgments on your ability to love your child and mother him, based so heavily on your appearance, astounds me. A mother's heart can come packaged in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. I have always admired your individuality. My advice to you, my sweet friend, is not to give weight to anyone's judgments on your opinions, actions, mothering, or LIFE, other than GOD. He LOVES you, He CARES for you, and He is FOR you. And He is all these things for your children, ALL of them, as well. Don't let the way people act or the things they say to you have any impact on the way you view HIM. HE is good. HE has a plan for your family. And if your heart is seeking Him, YOU are PLEASING to Him!!! And His opinion is the only one that matters. I will go now, and just sit for a while being dumbfounded that someone could have the audacity to be so rude in public!

    Very proud to sign MY name,

  12. Daniel and Addie-
    We are called to love, nurture, and care for the least of these. For you are caring for Christ. Let no person shoot you down for your heart and your calling from God. You are a chosen family that God, Himself, ordained. Let nothing our no-one come between that.
    I love your family!! Or support is in the mail, on its way to you. Bring home that baby girl!!
    You have my continual prayers and support. Please email me if you need ANYTHING! Or even just to vent.
    Adoption Supporter,
    Mary Thomason

  13. All of you have very valid points... your opinions are your opinions! *just like mine*
    The only reaso I read this blog is when LIES are pointed out to me by others! Rather than believe hearsay, I choose to read myself, so that I can formulate my own reaction.

    I still stand by my opinion that those of you who only know Addie based on what she writes on this blog are SEVERLY MISINMORMED!!!

    Most of you read this blog and think you know a person....I have known Addie over 30 years, and People I ASSURE you.... this is Not an accurate depiction!

    Once again i CHOOSE to remain anonymous and this will be my last post....
    I see you have no rebuttle towards the fact that I too have a special needs child.
    Your requests are not typical.of any family and sitting in a childs classroom is disruptive to.the other children! *i'm not being ugly, that is a fact!

    With that being said... yes my earlier comments were nasty! BUT I make no apologies! I'm.only saying what MOST PEOPLE are thinking!

    1. I as well know who YOU are and the only "special needs" child you have is one that is a disruptive child getting his own way and his mother is constantly screaming at him. I know Addie too and what you describe is nothing but a personal vendetta against her for whatever reason. What a pity for you that you have no idea to have real joy inside your heart.

    2. You HIDE behind a screen name!! So its rather hypocritical of you to say anything to me!!! And you obviously have no idea who i am! Because this description is not even accurate!
      Its quite evident you dont know your ass from a hole in the ground!

  14. Oh and what lies?
    what lies (list them exactly please) so the rest of us will know?
    Come on chicken$*#! expose yourself to the rest of us and not "hide" behind that keyboard as you accused her of when she is the one naming herself. As the other person said you need to get a grip and a life!

    1. I answered your questions... provided examples and overwhelming evidence.... BUT Addie deleted the post!
      So.... now do you believe me???
      Addie is the one who doesnt want you to see the truth!!!

  15. To.the person who asked for proof and examples of the LIES.... please know I answered you, in.full detail with examples!
    But it appears that Addie must have deleted the post!!!
    So i am.sorry that Addie obviously doesnt want you to see the actual trut.... only what she wants you to see!!!!

    And to addie.... it is really unfortunate that you would invite everyone (on fb and such) to come and read this post & comments, yet you delete certain.comments and you change your account so that only certain people are allowed to post comments.

    You need to at least allow for everyone to comment, and see ALL the comments from others!!

  16. Wow - there are so many things I don't get about the nastiness that some unknown (to me) person has brought to this blog.
    I do find it somewhat fascinating - because almost every day you see this kind of behaviour somewhere on the internet. It is not a new phenomenon for people to act as trolls - it seems to be the basis of a newspaper article every other day.
    But mostly I find it sad. Why would someone think it is a good thing to bully another person on their blog? What does that person think it can possibly achieve? Why the need to be nasty?
    Where are we going as a society that people who are otherwise normal feel the need to vent their anger or transfer their own feelings of sadness/helplessness onto another person in such a vitriolic, bitter manner? Why is it that hiding behind the word "anonymous" seems to give people false courage to attack?
    It really makes me sad but also concerned - because the internet is here to stay - and somehow we need to learn not only appropriate rules of engagement with other people but also how to modulate our own behaviour.
    Perhaps that should be what we reflect on before we let anger write our comments, or hatred drive our thoughts, or bitterness guide our words. What affects one of us - affects all of us.
    What diminishes one of us - diminishes all of us.