Thursday, December 27, 2012


So Wallace is better.... then Daniel got sick and better in one day... and then I got sick - for the whole Christmas break... yay me!

Blech... Im still a bit sick, but thankfully on the mend.

Christmas was great though... Saturday we went to my mom's family, Sunday was the church Christmas program, Monday we went to my dad's family and Tuesday, we went to my mom's house.... and Ive been back at work since yesterday.

The kids got a ton of stuff... not quite sure where to put it all yet.... Daniel gave me a nice new electric blanket, so Im enjoying that (he is not and has since moved the whole thing to my side of the bed)

I know I could draw this out and make it longer and more interesting, but I dont really feel good - and Im getting migraines in my teeth (ick!), so yeah...


On the adoption front, ugh....

Ok, so all of our home visits were done in November, we provided everything they asked for... so I assumed it would only take a week - maybe 2 at the most - to get it written up.

Yeah... the Friday before Christmas they asked for more paperwork.... and I havent heard from them since.

Not exactly thrilled, but trying to be patient.  I really thought we would be waiting for I800A approval now or have our dossier in China.... guess that will be something for next year.

Im losing faith that we are going to travel by the summer.... sigh.....


ok, back to work I go.... hope yall all had a great holiday break!


  1. Oh my we are stuck in the same place with yet another adoption and another country! :) Go figure. Hopefully our adoptions get moving and we get our girls home sooner than later!

  2. Yeah, Barb, that is what I am hoping for... 2013 is going to be our year!