Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday again

I have no idea what to write... I feel bad for going a week without blogging, but our lives are pretty boring and predictable, so I feel like Im writing the same things over and over

Daniel's dad found out he had cancer so he had surgery this week and Daniel has gone up there every night to sit with his mom so we have been missing having him at home... but his dad seems to be doing pretty good and will get to go home before too long.

Otherwise, we have just been doing homework and work and science fairs (Gabe came in second!), new kittens and house cleaning and chores and such.... yawn... :)

But... yall!.... it has been COLD here.... Im not sure what is going on with the weather, but dang it, its cold... I live in Mississippi for a reason

sidenote: I need to get up on my soapbox for a minute.... if you live in the south, as soon as it gets into the second week of May, please stop saying "its too hot/ I hate the heat/ I cant wait for it to get cold" or some such likeness there of.... because really I just want to punch you in the face.... because you are the same people who as soon as its cold for two weeks are saying how much you hate the cold.... just be quiet and realize that you live in Mississippi for goodness sake and stop making me want to punch you in the face, it ruins my day

Ok... off soapbox, ahem

It is cold here.... like 11 degrees when I come into work in the morning... ugh.... but then it gets warm on the weekends - like in the 60s - wish is AHHHMAZING, but then come Monday, its cold again... its the strangest thing.

Yeah, boring post today... what can you do?

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Is it Thursday already... I lose track of my days too easily, I think.

Anyway... this past weekend, we headed out to Chattanooga, TN for a cheer competition that Emma was in... my mom and sister came with us - so me, Emma, my mom and sister all went to the competition while Daniel and the other 3 kids stayed at the hotel or bumped around town... we really only had to be there in the morning so the afternoons were free...

Let me tell you, having a family of 6 can get really expensive, so we are always looking for the offbeat paths.... too bad, it was like 20 degrees most of the weekend so that cut out alot of free parks and stuff... but we did go and tour the Mayfield Creamery and that was fun - and our tour came with a large scoop of ice cream for each person, so well worth the minimal tour cost....

We also went to the Chattanooga Zoo - since we are members of our local zoo, we got in at a discounted price and the day actually warmed up into the 50s... and the zoo was pretty deserted, so although it was small, it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.

And let me tell you... I fell in love at the zoo....

With a crow.... :)

Yep, an American crow - which is not what you are thinking probably... its not one of those black birds that hang out in groups in a field that kind of swarm (although to be honest, I think those are pretty too).... American crows are actually pretty big - like the size of a parrot/macaw and they are solid black - black feet, black eyes, black beak - think of the size of the crow that Maleficent carries around in Sleeping Beauty but all shiny and black.

But here is the thing.... American crows can talk!

Like parrots, but even better - not only do they mimic the words you say, but also the inflection and the tone, so if you didnt know it was the crow talking, you would think it was an actual person... unlike a parrot, which sounds well, like a parrot.

Of course, if youve ever seen my photography logo, you know Im kind of into crows anyway, but seeing one up close and personal kind of sealed the deal...

We came up to them and I was so excited... especially when the crow then asked me "Whats new?" I about fell out, and then he flirted with me for a good 10 minutes... he said "hello" as well... and really it took Daniel finally dragging me away before I would actually leave... because really, I could have stayed there all day... and if I lived in Chattanooga, that crow would so be my boyfriend and I would go see him every day

Ok, really, thats just weird, isnt it?

But yeah, I was seriously trying to figure out a way to sneak that bird out of there and take him home.... I even did some research when we got home and found that it is illegal to have an American crow as a pet, and they tear up everything, so yeah, I guess that isnt going to happen.


Anyway.... back to reality for a minute...

Emma's team did 4th out of 7 teams, which isnt really fantastic and I think it hurt their feelings a bit, but we only have 12 on our team and when you are competing with teams that have 20-25 on them, well, they are probably going to do more stunts and stuff... no shame there.... Ill be interested in seeing if the coach changes up the routine before the next competition though

Also, on the trip, Wallace started not feeling good... mostly a cold - fever, runny nose, headache... nothing serious.... and mostly, Wallace has an amazing high tolerance for pain - unless he has a cold, and then he becomes absolutely pitiful... and well, his behavior becomes atrocious! Like really, really bad.

And once he develops that attitude of "I dont have to do anything, I dont have to follow the rules, I can do whatever I want - including being ugly and mean to other people" well, it becomes really stressful for our whole family.... and no matter how many times Wallace gets in trouble, he seems to think he has to continue this attitude even when not sick....

Its frustrating... seriously.... I cant even tell you - it reminds me of when Wallace first came home.

Honestly, I wish people would quit asking how Willow is doing - she is doing wonderful/fantastic/amazingly well.... we, are still stuck on getting Wallace to do right.


He has been home for 3 years now... so only 3 more years with us and that will be the same amount of time he went without a family


In other news.... we STILL havent been able to get him on social security..... He has been home for 3 years!  Ugh - its one thing after another, after another, after another.... and guess what?  Without a SS#, you cant get on Medicaid - not super convenient with you have a child with severe medical issues....


Since you didnt ask.... Willow is not used to this cold weather and she has a bit of a head-cold/junk.... it doesnt get cold where she is from, so all this is new to her....

And Im so ready for spring.... :)

And yeah, Oliver is pretty much staying now... :)

Long post... I will be impressed if you made it the whole way through

Friday, January 17, 2014


Yeah, I think Oliver is going to be a new addition to the family... even Dash has started to play with him a little bit... so I think he has pretty much won everyone over.

I am so glad its Friday... it feels like Monday was so long ago.... its only the middle of the first month of the year and it already feels like 2014 is old and worn out.  I guess thats due to being already back in an established routine.

Routine is good, but it wears me out... actually, life in general, wears me out.

I wonder if Im a good mom... alot.... but I have to just realize that I do the best that I can - and although its not as good as others, its good enough.... I feel security in knowing that my kids are loved, they are fed, they are warm and safe.

But I wonder if in 20 years, they will look back on 2014 with fondness or loathing.

I guess there is nothing I can do but to keep on living the best I know how and hope thats enough.

I am taking this year back... in the past, Ive given of myself too much - not knowing how to say no to things that didnt matter... but this year, I want to take back myself and give back to my kids for being wonderful people... they have carried me through alot of dark days, and I hope this year becomes their year.

Not sure why Im writing all of this out here other than to just add some accountability to my stream of consciousness... but maybe you are feeling the same way too.... maybe wondering if you can stop overgiving yourself and just be and enjoy the moment... maybe we could work on 2014 together.

Happy weekend... make it good.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Thought y'all might like to see the new kitten... :)

Monday, January 13, 2014


I know its bad, but I always forget about blogging... I think Im going to do it at lunchtime, but then Im usually reading and get caught up in my book and then lunch is already over....

So this weekend...

Saturday, Daniel took Wallace to a birthday party so I had Gabe, Emma and Wallace so I took them out to a local place with nature trails and such.  When we got out of the car, a cute little orange kitten ran up to us... but there were other people there so we figured he was with someone else, so we pet him and left him to go walk some of the trails.

I let the kids pick the direction first, and of course, they picked the muddiest one... ugh.... I finally got us back to the beginning and we took the paved trail around the lake/pond and that was fun.... we then started to head back to the car.... and what do we see running toward us.

Yep, the sweet, little orange kitten.

And the parking lot was empty.

So I called Daniel with our dilemma... do we leave this 6 week old kitten here by himself - or do we take him home?

As a backstory... I have a weakness for orange kittens/cats, its weird.... and Ive also been jokingly asking Daniel for a kitten for Christmas/my birthday for at least half of last year

So he said we could bring him home, but we may not keep him... especially if our old, ornery housecate doesnt like him.

Which he didnt, but he hasnt seen another cat for almost 9 years (as he stays inside by himself) and he is spoiled (but I love him! and he loves me).... he is getting a little closer to the new kitten each day, but he still isnt really fond of him yet....

We named the new kitten Oliver and then watched Oliver and Co...

So we will see, but Im starting to think he is the newest addition... :)

Monday, January 6, 2014


We had a great weekend... we didnt accomplish much, but it was just what we needed... :)

Saturday, Daniel and I had our first date night since September (thats pre-China, yall!) - we usually get about 3-4 a year so its very much anticipated.... and it was really fun - we went and saw 47 Ronin (which we both enjoyed) and ate a nice dinner out.  So much fun just spending a little bit of time with my wonderful husband.

And then Sunday, my mom called and asked if she could have all 4 kids for the afternoon... how crazy is that?  But super welcome and Im so, so thankful for my mom starting to come around - I know its hard on her, but she has really done a great job with the kids, and Im thankful that she is trying.... so Daniel and I got to do the grocery shopping by ourselves and then we went home and the house was quiet, which was weird, but nice....

Then we went and visited with my grandparents and picked the kids up.... Wallace acted up (sigh, I wish he could just be good sometimes), but Willow was good and was talking up a storm, so sometimes I wonder really what her personality is going to be like when she gets a bit older.

We got home, spent some time with the kids, got the kids in bed and then Daniel and I watched Downton Abbey.... I really didnt think we would like this show, but we have really gotten into it and are enjoying it - maybe thats a sign of being an old married couple, who knows...

Anyway... great weekend..... :)

But not enjoying this super cold... there is a reason I live in Mississippi!

Friday, January 3, 2014


Oh, these holidays have me all mixed up on what day it is... two days off, two days on, two days off, two days on, two days off, two days on, one day off, two days on, two days off... then everything goes back to normal...

So yeah... :)

Back to China.... so after the guy gave us the yogurt drink for the kiddos, we learned that our flight was delayed for about an hour, and everyone was getting restless and hungry.... so one of the other moms took her 18 month old into one of the quickie-mart type stores in the airport to see if they could find something that she liked.... and they came back with a huge bowl of ramen noodles... in a red bowl.

The mom saw her daughter salivating over them so she just got them... but didnt bother looking at the package or asking someone what they were.

So she brought them back to our little group and then realized that she had no idea how to make ramen noodles.... (as a sidenote, who doesnt know how to make ramen?)

So my sweet, chivalrous husband offered to make them for her..... and as another sidenote - they have hot water stations all around the airport for free (cool, since you arent allowed to drink the water in china unless its been boiled, ie: no waterfountains anywhere).... so he took the bowl and got the water and came back and asked the other lady if she knew what she got  because it looked like it was really spicy from the package.

We gave each of the girls a taste, and the other girl had one bite and lit up - her mouth was on fire and she wanted none of it.... so I tasted it and sure enough, it was pretty spicy.... Willow wanted some by then, so we let her taste it and she gobbled it up, so the other mom said we could have it.... and we had to stop Willow eating after about 2/3 of the container was gone because she would have kept going (and this was a large bowl for like 2 people)....

Since the other girl didnt like it, the mom took her back to the store to find something else for her.... you would have thought she had learned her lesson... but nope, she came back with some weird package of stuff that looked like some kind of seasoning - she tried it and didnt like it at all, but her daughter liked it, so she let her have it....

We were just all happy to have found something to eat.... we were all so exhausted by the time we got on the plane.... only to find out, that yes, they had stuck all 3 adopting families in the very back of the plane - I mean, the very last seats.... ugh, but we took it...

thankfully, the long airport wait and full belly meant that Willow passed out pretty quickly and slept the whole plane ride... Daniel and I werent so lucky (especially b/c the back seats of the plane sit straight up with no recline at all).... but we made it.... :)

Cant believe its already 2014, can you?