Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Today has been so busy... craziness!

So Daniel picked up our medical paperwork yesterday so I turned it in to be reviewed and one of them needs to be rewritten... ugh.... so gotta drop that back off to the dr's office and hope I can pick it up tomorrow.

The lady getting our police clearances forgot them, so hopefully we can get those tomorrow as well.

I think that is all we are lacking at this point.


We sold two more puzzle pieces... awesome!


The kids are loving the advent box... they have to be up, dressed and ready to go before we check out whats on for that day, so getting them up and ready in the mornings is going alot easier b/c of that... they are always super excited to check it.

Today we are going to leave quarters at vending machines and laundromats, so that should be fun... :)

Not sure what else to write about.... does anyone have a question?

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