Monday, December 17, 2012


My heart was absolutely broken Friday.... I just cried and cried, and was glued to the tv, and then finally had to turn it off b/c I just didnt have anything left to give....


This past weekend was packed full!

Friday, I went and had lunch with Daniel at his school - its always nice to get in a little extra time with Daniel when I can... and my sister came over to spend the night, so it was nice to see her (and she brought cookies!)... and also some of the guys who were part of our youth group when Daniel and I taught came over to hang out -and they brought home made pizza.... so much fun.

Saturday, Gabe tried out for upwards basketball (a Christmas present from my mom, thanks to her!), and then we made a ton of cookies and chex mix and delivered them to our neighbors - I love the fun day of baking with my kids and the memories of delivering everything in the wagon, but since we give all the food away, there is no extra calories to go with it.... :)  We then went to a cub scout meeting/dinner.... and then a sweet friend of ours came over to watch the kids and Daniel and I got to go to our church Sunday school party - adult conversation and great food... wow, blessed!

Yesterday, we went to church, and then over to a Christmas get-together with my family, and then to the church Christmas bowling party - where our family of 5 took 2 hours to bowl 2 games.... seriously.... but we all had such a fun time.... and when we got home, we watched some tv, ate breakfast for dinner and then spent an hour and a half playing Headbanz... so much fun.

Wow... this weekend was packed full to the brim, and I really could have used a nap in there somewhere, but man, am I blessed.... blessed, blessed, blessed!


As far as the adoption... :)
- We have over 300 puzzle pieces sponsored... amazing!
- I am going to send in our first dossier packet soon... woo hoo!

I cant believe Christmas is so close... and the end of the year is almost here... crazy!

Hope yall all have an amazing week!

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