Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wallace is sick

Daniel and I went out of town yesterday to finish our Christmas shopping and thankfully we got it all done... but Wallace got sick, so our babysitter had to go pick him up early.

Let me tell you it is a pitiful sight to have a sick non-verbal child.... poor thing could not tell us how he felt, what hurt and what didnt, if he felt nauseous or what.... so we just had to give him some tylenol and ibuprofin and watch him thrash and moan.... its so hard on a parent's heart when you have no idea how to help your child and he cant tell you anything.

What makes it worse is that Wallace has G6PD (an enzyme deficiency) which means that his body metabolizes medicines more slowly... so it takes longer for them to work and for him to get some relief... it also means Wallace heals more slowly.

We are hoping that its just a cold and nothing worse as he really hasnt had any other symptoms besides a fever and him moaning (which we dont know if he is hurting or is sick or what).... praying that it is nothing serious b/c Wallace has some serious heart problems, and it would be aweful if he got really sick.

If you ever met Wallace, you would never ever know how medically fragile he is, but its times like this that it is brought back quickly into our minds...

Daniel and Wallace slept all night on the couch last night... yes, I have the best husband in the world.

Anyway... thankfully, Daniel is on his holiday break, which means Wallace is getting to stay home with daddy today and from what Ive heard, he is not back to 100% but is doing much better... hopefully, the day of meds and rest and fluids will get him back to his normal self.

Today is Gabe and Emma's last day of school as well... cant believe Christmas is almost here!

Have a great one!


  1. Poor Wallace! It is so hard when they can't tell you anything. Max got sick right after he came home and wouldn't even let us comfort him and we had no idea what was wrong. Breaks a mama's heart!

  2. so sad, Barb... hope he is doing better now... you need to update your blog... :)