Monday, December 10, 2012


Dear Lannie McKee - your generosity overwhelms us, thank you.... Aunt Anita - thank you so, so much!


I would absolutey love all of my readers to go read the *lovely* comment that I got on Wednesday's post.... Id love to hear your opinions on it... especially parents of children with special needs - Id love to know a single one of you who havent had to fight for something at school... :)

Would it surprise you to know that a member of my family wrote this?

No?  Me neither.

It doesnt surprise me that they couldnt even leave their name either.

Really, its just sad.

And a bit pathetic.


If you arent keen in telling.... Im kind of in a fighting mood lately....

I cannot wait to sink my teeth into a few people this week.... hurray!

Its my birthday present to myself, I guess...  well, actually, Daniel gave me the go ahead as well... I think he is tired of being "the diplomat" to ignorant people who refuse to listen to anyone.

And for all of those who think Im getting myself into trouble.... well, the backstory is that we tried to talk to certain people at the beginning of the year - we tried to be nice and helpful and supportive.... but they just keep going against our wishes, so protective measures have to be put in place.

So yeah... for all you underdogs and freaks, and special needs kids, and all of those who are constantly never given a voice, Im going to bat for you.... and should I go down in flames, well, Ill go down with a smile knowing I was doing the right thing.

Betcha didnt know that my symbol is the Phoenix.... b/c I always rise up out of the ashes.... yeah, I may go down in flames, I may get burned and scarred and come out ugly.... but I always rise up.



This is a weird post, right?

Im cool with it... :)

As for the adoption, our homestudy is almost done... crossing our fingers for soon... :)

Love yall - even the haters out there - you make me who I am, so thanks!

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