Monday, December 10, 2012

Not for the weak of heart.

This is Daniel writing. So we are now fully immeresed in this adoption and wow it is nothing like our first. I already find myself wanting it to be done with it and our little girl home (where she belongs). I also want to transition from active adopters to mentors of other adoptive parents. Addie and I have learned so much about this process and we know that we will never leave the adoption world, but rather we want to help others on their journey. This journey is not easy, it is not for those who trust only in themselves or those who care about what others think. This journey is for those who understand that life is more than the newest toys, the newest cars or the world of pretty people. This journey is for those who hate the term "NORMAL" (like there is such a thing). It is for those who love our old phones, old cars and crazy lives. We look to challenge the status quo. As a teacher I am around young people who want to question authority (I Love My Job!); I get to show them a person who dared to ask "why not?". I love the story of Jesus calling His disciples. He goes to them and says "Follow me"; thats it. No master plan details, no health care, no 401k, no security blanket; infact the longer they were with Him the worse the deal got. Jesus kept talking about treasures in heaven, blessings in persecution and loving enemies. This is why I Love Jesus, He speaks with such conviction that the disciples just follow Him. When we got the call to follow Jesus and reach out to a complete stranger it was scary; I am not going to lie, I was scared. Not of the parenting (afterwards the parenting is what I needed the most help with), but of the things I felt I couldn't control: like money or family matters. But the crazy thing is that no matter how much I was scared, God was greater. My fear failed to compare with His Glory. Any success we have had with Wallace has more to do with God than with us. Addie and I are most definitely human and we make mistakes, just like the disciples we have not always done the best, but God is always there to hold us together. I guess what I am trying to say with all of this is that, this adoption is showing how much time I wasted last time by worrying. I let my fear control me and I missed out on the awesomeness of God. This time have tried to turn over that fear to God and just trust Him. The other question is what about you; Jesus never told anyone to just stay at home and take it easy. To all the people who say to us about adoption "thats great, but we don't have the money", no you don't, but God does. Or the people who say "why not adopt from the U.S.?"; we  are quite familiar with our local children's home and can get you in touch with people who need volunteers. Or to the Christians who asked "Why would you bring a stranger into your home?", because that is what our Heavenly Father did for us. The adoption world is most definitely a place for Christians to reestablish the fact that Jesus sees value in every single one of His children.


  1. AMEN!

    I wanted to say, "And everyone says AMEN!"...but I know some will not understand.

    We are just entering the journey again and this said it perfectly!!!!

  2. Kat.... I just read your blog post - I am so, so excited for you!!!!

    Thanks J!