Thursday, December 13, 2012


Not too much has changed with the adoption... still waiting on the home study to be done, but thats about it... we have sold several more puzzle pieces so that is exciting as well!


In other news, I met with Wallace's principal yesterday for all of 10 minutes - I wanted to talk with him about scheduling a time to view Wallace in class.

He told me that they had always had an open door policy towards parents and that as long as visits were scheduled, we could come at any time.. I didnt mention that I have it in writing that this wasnt what we were told... but since they were being so cooperative, I figured that there was no need to start anything.

So yay... I will be getting to view Wallace in his classroom (hopefully without him noticing I am really there)... so that was encouraging.


So last week, one set of my grandparents began living in an assisted living facility... so Sunday, my mom, sister, Emma and I went to visit their house and pick out anything that we would like to keep.  Mostly a lot of pictures - some of my dad that I had never seen, so that was a huge blessing.

Going through their stuff was so bittersweet... since we still have them around, it made their stuff seem like, well, just stuff... I will cherish the things that I have now and even got a few things to pass down to the children when they are old enough.

There is a Christmas party at their new place soon so we will be going out there and celebrating with them, which is exciting.... but it will be strange not having Christmas eve at their house - weve been doing that ever since I was a baby so its all me and our kids have ever known, so that will be a bit bittersweet as well b/c although we wont be at their house, we will still have them with us.


I cant believe December is around halfway over... this year flew by.... :)

Craziness.... and next year - I cant wait to see what it holds.

You know... if we all make it past 12-21.... :)

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  1. It is sad when grandparents move out but at least the worry of "are they doing okay" is know they are being watched over now.

    So happy to hear that you found new photos of your dad. We, as photographers, try not to take ourselves too seriously but, really...what is left after that person passes on? The photos remain...