Thursday, December 6, 2012


Yes... I am in a much better mood today... :)

Yesterday was bad.... and I think it may have even been worse for Daniel - he had a bad day too... ugh, hate when Wednesdays gang up on people like that.

So I got my medical letter, got my application letter approved... and the home study is almost done!

So tomorrow, I hope to get our application letter and financial forms signed and notarized and thats it for our first dossier packet.

After the home study is done, we will have that reviewed by our adoption agency for China, and then we put in our I800A application - would love it if you prayed with us that this is a speedy process... :)

Once we have our I800A approval, then we can submit our dossier to China!  So exciting!

So yeah... today is good.

I just finished reading "Evolving in Monkey Town" by Rachel Held Evans... and I loved it, in fact, Ive already promised it to Daniel and then a friend, and then I hope to read it again.  Its definitely not for everyone, but since Im a Christian skeptic/cynic, well, it was right up my alley.

Anyway... I havent gotten any questions in awhile... anyone?  bueller?  bueller?



  1. You are busy blogging! Look at you going everyday, LOL! Good job now I need to check in more! Our school learned not to mess with me and my baby bears either. I am so thankful Wallace has a family fighting for him! Your school honestly sounds like they are being sooo difficult! I can't believe they don't let parents come visit when they want. Our school does and it isn't like parents are coming in all the times. I just wouldn't like being told I could never come. It is harder with a non verbal child. I was talking to Mia about school yesterday and thought how much easier it would be if she could tell me how her day went. The only thing that helps is seeing for yourself how it is going since they can't tell you!
    Great progress on the adoption. I feel like I am going so slow on it because I am so tired of all the paperwork and headache. The only thing that keeps me going is I know how worth it it is and a child is counting on me to come as quick as I can!
    Sorry you have to deal with not so supportive people. That has to be sooo hard so hang in there!

  2. Glad someone understands Barb... its not like I want to disrupt their day, I just want to see how Wallace is affected and what he does all day

    I love your motivation for your adoption... I loved the new pics you put up! You need to update your blog