Tuesday, October 29, 2013


We are home!!!

I am jetlagged and havent downloaded all the pics from the trip yet, but will be blogging about the trip soon...

yall are awesome - thanks for hanging in there with us!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Final Countdown

Tomorrow we will be on a flight to detroit and then soon on a flight to china...

The kids and I watched Face/Off last night, which is "our" show - they were very dismayed that they would have to miss it for 2 weeks... :)   I reminded Emma that last night was the last night to sleep at the house before Willow got here - I dont think anyone really realized that and we were all a bit sad... goodness, my heart already aches over missing them... Im sure they will be fine and do better than us.

Today, after I get off, I have to run a few last minute errands and then home where I can hopefully get some last minute stuff done.... then we are having a favorite dinner and then taking the kids to family swim at the Y, then they will spend the night at Daniel's parents house.... Daniel and I will continue to get everything ready and we had hoped to get in bed a little early but I dont think its really going to happen... :)

Daniel's dad will be at our house in the morning to drive us to the airport and we leave at 4 AM - so yeah, early morning... and a loooooooooong day... :)

We do have pretty much everything ready to go, so hopefully this afternoon wont be too chaotic

As for yesterday - we went to the bank and exchanged the money... the teller was alright, but didnt really care that we didnt like some of the bills saying there wasnt anything she could really do about it - what, you mean like asking the teller next to you to go through her drawer?  But anyway, we will pray that all the money will be accepted with no problems.

After that, I got to go see Mr James Meredith speak in person.... he was very interesting and I enjoyed it....

After that, I cooked pancakes for dinner.... which for some reason, didnt turn out that good, but everyone smiled and ate them anyway, so I guess they werent that bad.

So now I just have to survive the work day and then all the fun starts... here we go!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


So we got alot done yesterday - all the grocery shopping for the kids for the 2 weeks we will be gone.

Last week, I had Daniel go to the bank to get the money we will need for travel - it has to be in crisp, new $100 bills or they wont exchange them in China... I took the money out last night to divide it into the different payments and such so it would all be organized and I found out that my version of "crisp, new $100 bills" was different from Daniel and the bank tellers - I probably rejected over half of it... so we will go to the bank today and try to exchange those again

Also, we have to pack for the kids tonight and get everything together for them

I still have to sort the carryon stuff and get all of that in a good order.... and we still have to change the sheets on the bed and get things ready for when we return.  Thankfully, my sister is house sitting for us, so hopefully she will be able to keep everything up, so it will be nice for when we return - the non-stress of a clean house will definitely help with the jetlag to some degree.

I cant believe we leave in 2 days.... it just isnt real yet.... eeek!

Monday, October 7, 2013


We had a great weekend and it definitely helped release some of that built up tension. 

Friday, I had a picture session (with a couple who is from China and is going back soon for their wedding - how cool is that!) and I locked my keys in my car - so my husband had to drive 30 minutes to come rescue me - and he did it willingly - best husband ever....

Afterwards, my mom took us and my sister out to dinner and then she bought the kids their halloween costumes - thanks mom!   So that was a pretty nice evening, besides the whole key thing... :)

Saturday, we spent the whole day with the kids - we went to the pumpkin patch and to chic fila and sonic for happy hour slushes, and we got Iron Man 3 from the redbox.... I am hoping that we made alot of good memories and they will keep them for awhile

Sunday, we went to church (yes, even me), then to a homecoming lunch at my moms church.... and yesterday afternoon, some friends threw me a shower for Willow - it was the sweetest and we got lots of super nice things.  It felt really good to be loved!

Today is Monday and still freaking out about all the last minute things that need to happen, but I know it will all be ok... and we are just days away from traveling.... goodness!

Friday, October 4, 2013


Daniel and I have so much pent up stress and anxiety, its best to walk on eggshells around us - the tiniest thing has us jumping on the closest person nearby.

Dont get us wrong, we are so, so excited to finally be going to china and even more to be getting willow!

But this is NOT a vacation.... its very emotionally draining.  Being a foreign place where no one speaks your language, everyone is starting at you, your child is grieving (which can be ignoring you, tantruming, crying incessantly, hitting, etc)...... but more than anything - its hitting both Daniel and I that we are going to be away from our other 3 kids for over two weeks.

It is killing us. 

Our kids are our world and being without them for 2 weeks is like having a piece of your heart cut out of your chest.... it actually physically aches.

We do, however, have a nice weekend planned to just get some time in with the kids.... so I am hoping this will help alleviate alot of the stress and frustration that we have been holding onto...

So yeah, prayers needed.... especially for the kids... and us... :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

1 week

A week from today, Daniel and I will be in a plane flying to detroit... getting ready to board a plane for china....

And both Daniel and I are completely stressed out.... I mean for real... the smallest things are making us go crazy.... we are insane people lately. 

So we have pretty much cut out any non-essential activities and just have hunkered down at the house... tensions are rising high and we are just ready to go.

My heart is breaking/aching for the three we are leaving behind for 2 weeks - that seems like an eternity because we really do love our children and loving being around them, so Im sure we will go through some sort of withdrawals.

We are looking forward to being in China, itself, though - we absolutely adore other cultures and there is nothing like experiencing it first hand..... with the person you love.  And picking up a new little one too!

So its a see-saw of emotion around here - up, down, up, down..... and well, the human heart and body werent meant for such instability.... so we are all going a little mad.

I think it will settle down once we actually begin the journey next Thursday, but until then.... I hope we all survive... :)