Monday, December 3, 2012


So today is Monday.... :)

The weekend was good, we didnt too much of anything... got a few things cleaned up and did a photo session, oh, and we got our advent box up.... its something new this year - each day has something that the kids are supposed to do for others and something fun for them to do for themselves.... todays was: Others: let someone go in line in front of you, You: Go to the parade

Christmas parade tonight and thankfully its not going to be too cold... woo hoo.... I think we are also having pancakes for dinner as well, so double yay!

As for the adoption paperchase... :)

- supposed to be getting the police clearances today

- supposed to be getting all the medical paperwork today (notary called in sick on Friday)

- Daniel got fingerprinted on Friday and all is clear

So yeah, hopefully we will get all of that today and I can quit fretting over it.

So far weve sold 38 puzzle pieces... awesome!


So quite a few people are asking what we know about our daughter so far....

The answer is not much honestly... but what we do know is that she is 1, she will be 2 in April.  She lives with a foster family who she is attached to and she seems to be very introverted.

She is not officially ours yet, so we cant post pictures just yet, but I cant wait... hopefully when we do get officially matched, we will get more info and pics and then I can share.


Busy day here like Monday always is... hope yours is good!

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