Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Ok, so I took all of our passport required pics and they all turned out well and meet the photo requirements so Im happy to have that done!

So now, we have to just put everything in the mail and take it to UPS and mail it out.... hopefully Wallace's certificate will be approved soon.... really need it so we can get his SS# so we can have it for taxes...

With the photo, that pretty much means we have everything for our dossier except for the I800A approval.... and so far, we havent gotten any notice that theyve even received it... which is making me a bit nervous since there are alot of important and personal documents in there... but Im sure it will all work out.

Besides that not too much going on... its been a fairly quiet week so far, so I am enjoying that... still a ton to do, but nothing super pressing... so thankful for so much.

Hope yall are having a great Wednesday!

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