Tuesday, January 22, 2013


So yesterday was MLK Day so Daniel and the kids were out... and of course, I had to work... yay me!

It also meant that there was no mail running, so I am hoping our I800A gets to where it needs to be today - they are supposed to send an email/text when it gets in, so I will be excited to see that!

I have also gotten all of our documents together for Wallace's Certificate of Citizenship together... well, all but one - the passport photo... you would think that would be the easiest part.... but nope, apparently all the places around here do not know what they are doing.

Well, being a photographer myself, I decided that it couldnt be that hard, so i would do it and print it out for 1 hour... well, apparently, the only place in town that does glossy one hour prints is broken and has been since friday... they were supposed to be fixed yesterday, but I have checked today and nothing.... not sure what Im going to do b/c shipping is just too expensive and it will still be days to get them... ugh!

So yeah, thats about it.... :)

In other news, I am working myself into a frenzy trying to get photoshoots put together and huge props made... it always drives me crazy, but I know in the end, it will be worth it...

Speaking of photoshoots... remember when I told yall about the art show and I had 6 pieces in, and we could really use that money for our adoption so we really needed them to sell.... well, only 1 sold and it was the cheapest one... I had to go pick up the rest on Friday, so that was a bit of a kick in the gut to my ego.... but not much you can do, I guess...

there are other things going on, but I probably shouldnt talk about them.... so Ill be good today...

Happy Tuesday

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