Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Not too much to say... there has been alot of drama going on between us and the school over Wallace.

Since I know nosy people at his school read this blog (hi! nosy people!) - I cant go into much details.

but suffice to say Wallace is not getting an adequate education (or any education lately).... and the school keeps giving us the runaround for things that should be standard.

But I guess that is just how some schools treat their special needs kids.

Its really sad.

You would think people could be decent sometimes... but apparently not.....

And they like to make us the bad guys because we dont lay down and let them walk all over us.

So yeah....

besides that, still waiting to get approval for the I800A... and then our documents head over to China... yay!  My mama heart sure is missing my little one lately.

Thanks for all the love and support... :)

test, test

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