Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So we had a good weekend... Gabe has his first upwards basketball game on Saturday morning and the rest of the weekend was just spent at home together... mostly laying on the couch and just enjoying each other...

And then Monday, Wallace woke up with a high fever, crusty/boogery nose and didnt want to get out of the bed... so we called me and him in sick and put him back to bed... he woke back up at 8:30 with no fever and no sickness...

then that night, Emma started complaining that her stomach was hurting and was eager to go to bed early.... then at 2:30 AM, she threw up and developed a fever...

when we got up the next morning, she was still hot and didnt feel well, so I called her and me in sick.... she stayed hot until she took a nap around 12, and woke back up fine

Is it possible to need extra sleep so much that it makes you sick?

Just thankful everyone is feeling better today... :)

Oh, and our home study got approved on Monday, so that is wonderful... just waiting to get it in the mail so we can file our I800A... woo hoo!

I asked when we could get updated info, and they said at any time, but they could only request it 1-2 times throughout the process, so I think we will ask after our dossier is approved in China and then shortly before we travel, so we can have the most up to date info as possible.... At that time, I will share what I can and maybe some pics too... :)

Yay... happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm sorry I don't read this as frequently as I used to. Blogger's new interface moved my subscriptions around so it's not as prominently featured when I sign in. Kind of annoying.

  2. Yay for a home study done! Ours is getting approved this week! We have that sick stuff going around here now :( no fun! Can't wait to hear more about your new little one and I am sure you can't wait either!

  3. My girls will definitely run a low grade fever when they are nothing but worn yes...I believe it is possible!!

    So glad for ya'll that things are moving along in your adoption. Wonderful news!

    Thank you for sending the picture of our puzzle piece =)

  4. Greg - try google reader or feeddemon - so much better!

    Barb... It is exciting... hope yours gets done soon! and yes, that was the timeline we were given - its a bummer, but I know it will be worth it in the end

    Shannon - thanks for donating, its the least I could do... hope yall are good!