Friday, January 18, 2013


So glad its Friday... :)

Its been a weird week.
- Monday stayed home with sick Wallace
- Tuesday stayed home with sick Emma
- back to work
- Snow... Daniel and the kids stay home
- today.

Looking forward to a boring weekend full of sunshine - its been a week since weve had any and Im so ready for it.... and I can finally make some clouds for a upcoming photoshoot... and need to do some extra pics of wallace... and need to look into a potential photo location... and need to do passport pics of me, Daniel and Wallace... among other things.

So our I800A went into the fed ex system yesterday and its supposed to be overnighted to the lockbox in TX... so I dont know if that means it will get there today, tomorrow or Monday... my suspicion is that it will be Monday... Id love for a miracle and to be approved almost instantly.... but Im quite aware (and not holding my breath) that it will be the standard 30-60 days.

Also, we need to turn in the documents to get Wallace's certificate of citizenship.... b/c it costs $550... ugh.  Yeah, if your adoption is finalized outside the US (like with China adoptions), you automatically get this in the mail at no cost... but if you have to wait to adopt your child after they are back in the US, then you get to do a bunch of paperwork, pay a large chunk and then wait..... yay!

Until we get this paper, we cant get Wallace a SS number, and therefore cant get him on Medicaid, which would help pay for daily expenses like pullups and suppositores and all the dr appointments that he goes to... which would be hugely beneficial to us.

Anyway.... definitely looking forward to a sunshiney weekend.... hope yours is good!


  1. That is great that the I800A is off! I am hoping to do it in a couple days so right behind you!!! We didn't get Mia's cert of cit. yet either but were able to get her a SSN without it and on Medicaid. We got Max on it too. That stinks that different states have different rules. The last thing we need is to pay that fee while adopting but just were saying we better do it soon for Max and Mia. Agree that I hope USCIS is approvling quickly!

  2. Well, Im glad you were able to get it for Mia at least... they wouldnt let us do it at all, so hopefully we can get that in the mail tomorrow!