Thursday, January 17, 2013


So I was going to post a pic today but blogger is being kind of a butthead, so yeah, I guess maybe later...

But it was going to be a picture of the snow we got today... yes, SNOW - here in Mississippi.... so weird... I cant get over it.

Schools were closed today so Daniel and the kids got to play in it and stay home... Im a little bit jealous...

So yesterday, we got our finalized, approved home study in the mail!  I think the angels sang as I opened it.... but hallelujah!

Which means I have all of our I800A documents in an overnight fed-ex mailer today.... oh, Im so, so excited.

Getting the I800A appointment usually takes 30-60 days and during that time we will get a fingerprint appointment.... oh how I wish that a miracle would take place and it would all happen in a few weeks.

After the I800A approval, we send in the rest of our dossier documents and once its checked, then it goes to China...

Its all so exciting.... but we still have $5-10K to come up with before we travel... eek!

Its crazy, but I know its all going to come together... and be so worth it!

On a totally unrelated note... can you believe Mardi Gras is less than 3 weeks away... what?!!!  love it!

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  1. Yippee! You are making progress on the dreaded paperwork.