Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This will be a short post as I need to be going but wanted to mark parts of our journey.

Our homestudy is likely to be approved tomorrow... which means once I have it in my hands, we can apply for the I800A - which I already have ready to go....

I also learned today that it is pretty impossible for us to travel during the summer... and it will most likely be between September and December - close to the same time when we traveled for Wallace.... I think I was initially disappointed, but Im kind of over it now as I know the first time we see our daughter will make everything else fade away.

Holding tightly to hope... :)


  1. Maybe she'll be this year's Christmas present...

  2. Is that the timing they are telling you? If so that is a bummer for you and us! I was hoping to travel this summer too and so excited we are on this journey together again! So fun that we even switched countries but the same one!