Monday, January 7, 2013


Its Monday again... woo hoo... Im so excited... insert sarcasm there... :)

Anyway, I just realized that I totally have forgotten to update about Wallace's dr appointments.

On Dec 26th, he went in to have a hearing test to see if that would reveal any answers about him being so non-verbal.... but the dr wouldnt even do the hearing test b/c he had so much compacted wax in his ears, so instead of the hearing test, he had wax scraped out.... and he had more wax taken out this past Thursday, Jan 3rd.... and he still has more to go - his next appointment is this Friday.... so that was a pretty huge discovery and we are hoping that Wallace will be able to hear more and therefore be able to talk more... so exciting.

This past Thursday, he also went to see an opthamologist... and we were in there for over 2 hours - I think they forgot about us in the back room when they dilated his eyes.... the dr referred us to a pediatric opthamologist in Jackson, and he may need to have surgery on his eye muscles as they turn in so badly... so we go to that in March.

As far as the adoption goes, this past Saturday - Jan 5th - we sent in our first dossier packet to our agency... its so exciting b/c it means one step closer... still crossing our fingers that we will get to travel during the summer... :)

The kids, Emma especially, were not ready to go back to school today... but it is what it is and now we have to get back into a routine.... lovely... :)

Hope yall are having a great Monday!

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