Monday, September 30, 2013

The weekend

Well, the last post was a bit premature on what all we had going on.... this past weekend was crazy busy... :)

A friend of ours had gifted us a night at a local bed and breakfast, which was nice, but we thought that it might go to waste since there was no way Daniel and I could use it before we left for China and we arent going to be able to go anywhere alone after China for a long, long time.... but I had the idea of using it for a girls night - so Friday, Emma and I left the house shortly after she got home from school and checked into the b&b, after a little bit, we met the boys for pizza and then we went back to the b&b - we got to sleep in a huge bed, play with some little puppies, we ate ice cream straight out of the carton and I let her pick what we watched on tv... and we got waffles for breakfast the next morning.  (I heard the boys watched some Star Wars).... oh, Im so glad we got to take this opportunity - although I know Emma is probably going to handle this huge change better than anyone, but I know its also going to be harder on her than anyone else... she has been the only little girl in our house, the only sister - she has never really had to share that role... she has always been the baby.  And soon that will change - for the first time ever, she will be the big sister.... and I know she is going to be amazing at it.  She is my mama hen and loves to take care of everything and everyone... but it will still be an adjustment, Im sure.  Im so glad I got that one on one time with her -I hope its a happy memory for her for years to come - I know it will be for me.

Saturday morning, the boys left early and headed over to my grandparents house where Daniel is helping my mom redo my grandparents bathroom to make it easier for them.... so Emma and I pretty much had the house to ourselves.... which meant she got to play video games and play with the dogs.... and wow - the weather was gorgeous Saturday.  So while she played, I got to packing.... and I got us all packed for China!  Everything in 2 large suitcases and 2 backpacks.... we will take the bags to get weighed this afternoon - the suitcases have to be 44 pounds each or less.... Im not sure we are going to make it (try fitting 2 weeks worth of stuff for 3 people in 2 suiticases at 44 pounds or less each!) so I might have to do some rearranging and repacking this week... :)

Sunday, we all were at my grandparents house.... and about 4:00, Daniel sliced open one of his fingers with a drywall knife... so off we headed to the emergency room.  I had to leave around 6:30 to meet my mom with the kids at home.... Daniel got home about 8:40 - with 5 stitches.  He said it would take about 8 days to heal (so thankful!) and it was ok this morning... so thankful it wasnt worse.

After all the drama last night, Friday felt a week away already.... so busy, busy weekend.... and busy, busy week!  This is the last full week we will have, so we need to be getting everything done... :)

Prayers appreciated!

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