Thursday, October 3, 2013

1 week

A week from today, Daniel and I will be in a plane flying to detroit... getting ready to board a plane for china....

And both Daniel and I are completely stressed out.... I mean for real... the smallest things are making us go crazy.... we are insane people lately. 

So we have pretty much cut out any non-essential activities and just have hunkered down at the house... tensions are rising high and we are just ready to go.

My heart is breaking/aching for the three we are leaving behind for 2 weeks - that seems like an eternity because we really do love our children and loving being around them, so Im sure we will go through some sort of withdrawals.

We are looking forward to being in China, itself, though - we absolutely adore other cultures and there is nothing like experiencing it first hand..... with the person you love.  And picking up a new little one too!

So its a see-saw of emotion around here - up, down, up, down..... and well, the human heart and body werent meant for such instability.... so we are all going a little mad.

I think it will settle down once we actually begin the journey next Thursday, but until then.... I hope we all survive... :)

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  1. We skyped with our kids everyday. It helped a lot. So excited for you!! You guys are on my mind so much. Constantly sending up prayers for all of you, esp Willow.