Friday, September 27, 2013

I know, I know

I feel like Im cheating you, dear readers, because all I talk about any more is the adoption and the upcoming trip.... but Im sorry, its all I have on my mind lately - night and day, its all I think about....

And speaking of.... its officially less than 2 weeks before we leave.

But really, we do have alot of things going on at our house....
- everyone is enjoying school and doing well
- Wallace had one really bad week behavior wise a few weeks back - awful!! But he was just testing, which is normal for him - BUT! - the teachers actually listened to us, didnt give in, and he got better... so thankful!
- Emma is still on her cheerleading squad and is doing fantastic - she, of course, is a flyer - and is on top of everything.... which makes me so excited.... their first competition is in November
- I only have one more photo thing before we go - Ive had lots of requests, but just didnt feel I could give them the time and attention that they needed or deserved... but Ill have lots to keep me busy when we get home
- still bummed about halloween, but getting over it.... going to let the kids pick out costumes soon
- trying to spend as much one on one time with each kid as possible
- trying to get to the Y and work off as much of this stress weight that Ive gained lately as I can (ugh!)

We have scaled back all commitments and activities to the minimum.... we want to be fully involved with our kids and the adoption as we can right now... thats all thats important..... our lives are about to change in a HUGE way and I am hoping the transition is easy as it can be.

If you get a spare minute and if you wouldnt mind, please say a prayer for willow and her transition and that her heart would be prepared to let us in, the foster family that is having to say goodbye after raising her for a year (so thankful for them), and also, for Gabe, Emma and Wallace who will be staying with family but still in a foreign environment without mom and dad for over 2 weeks - my heart aches for them - weve never been apart that long...

One day closer... :)