Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2 weeks/1 month

Two weeks from today, we will have everything packed and ready to go... hopefully getting in a fun afternoon with our kids and a nice dinner around the table.... it will probably be  hard to fall asleep and morning will come too early.  We have to be leaving the house around 4 AM to make it to our flight.  Hopefully, I will sleep the 2 hour drive to the airport, but I know once there, I wont sleep any more.... I know I should sleep on the 13+ hour plane ride, but I know I wont.... excitement will win out.

And exactly a month from today, we will be flying back to the US.  I cant believe it - in a month, this whole process of waiting for our daughter to get here will be over, and the life of a family of 6 will begin.  Im betting I sleep alot on the plane home... and even more on the car ride back home.

Exhausted doesnt even begin to describe how my body deals with jetlag.

The adoption is all I can think of - every day, all day.... Im finally letting myself start to believe that all of this is real... :)

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