Monday, September 9, 2013


We got TA on Friday with a proposed CA (consulate appointment date) of October 23... we found out this morning that we were accepted for that date.... I didnt want to post anything here until it was for sure and final

And Friday.... I had a big, ol, ugly cry.

Yes, I was happy to get a travel date... but it was a full month later than I wanted to go.

I know looking from the outside in, a month doesnt seem like much time.... but if you put yourself in our shoes - thats another month of a 2 year olds life without parents, without a family... that we dont get to know her.... we will never, ever get that month back.

So yeah, I had it out on Friday afternoon, in Daniel's arms, and I just melted.... probably for a good 30 minutes, and even though I could have gone on and cried all weekend, I realized that I had gotten the disappointment out of the way, now we have to start looking towards October.

I am quite a bit disappointed and heartbroken, honestly still... but I am happy to have a real date.  A month feels like forever, but I know it will get her eventually and all I have to do is focus on getting through today, then tomorrow is one day closer to seeing her.

As it stands now, we will fly out on October 10, get there Oct 11, get Willow on Oct 14, and fly back home on Oct 25.


  1. I've been wondering if you had heard anything yet or not. I'm so sorry that it's not as soon as you were hoping for.... Hopefully, the time will fly by.


  2. I am so excited for you! I added you, Daniel and Willow (well, the whole family really) to my Small Group's prayer list last night. We got you covered, girl!