Thursday, September 5, 2013


Today is day 14 for our TA wait.... its killing me yall.  If we dont get a phone call today, then there's practically no way we can travel next week... and if we cant travel next week, then there is a slight chance, we may have to wait until October to travel.  There is a slight chance we could go the week after next week, but if we cant go then, then we probably wont be in China until at least the second week of October because of upcoming Chinese holidays

Yeah, over a month away.

Im pretty heartbroken over the whole thing, but I am holding on to hope with a deathgrip that we get that phone call today

but every hour that slips by loosens that grip a little more.


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  1. Darn it! I was hoping to come back from vacation and find out you were in the air and on your way. Prayers floating your direction....