Monday, July 29, 2013


The weekend was good... I got my computer back and spent pretty much every waking hour working on all the wedding pics that needed caught up on editing - Im about halfway done now, and if I keep working every free minute this week, then hopefully I will be done by this weekend and that will be one less thing for me to worry about.... but man, it was so good to have my normal computer back!

Wallace had a dr appointment for his kidneys today and everything looked good... nothing has gotten worse, so thats great news!

I cant believe Daniel and the kids go back to school next week... I cant believe August starts this week.... its all so crazy!

I am mailing in our VISA application today - they will take our passports and put a China stamp in them and send them back and they will be ready to go when we are.

Also, I probably wont be blogging while we are in China - they have a strict internet policy over there, and it just seems easier not to worry about it since we will be so stressed anyway... but I will be blogging when we get back home!

In other news.... Im a blog-aholic... I love blogs and follow over 200, so the death of google reader just about killed me.... for real.... so I found another feed reader and migrated all my links over (which took forever) and was all happy - well, today, my new reader has announced that its calling it quits.... and I cannot find anothe reader that I like (dont say feedly, its blocked here at work) - so Im open to any and all suggestions... I dont know what Im going to do - blogs are the way I stay up with people b/c facebook is the devil for me.... ugh

well, hope everyone is having a good Monday... :)

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