Friday, July 19, 2013


Im so glad its Friday.... :)

Our information is going to China today and should be there on Monday - Im super excited b/c we are getting closer every day.... our NVC letter will hopefully be here soon and that will be another step down.

I really do see us traveling in September, which excites me to no end.... no end!

Anyway... :)

Yesterday, Emma had an afternoon cheer camp with her team in another town an hour away, so we all loaded up and went, dropped her off at the gym and then mama (thats me) got to go to the big thrift store.... where I found quite a few awesome deals and maybe a Christmas/birthday present or two.... and nothing was over $5... yes!

And as a treat, after we picked up Emma, we stopped by Mcdonalds - where kids meals were only $1.99 on Thursdays.... awesome..... so we got some minions.

And someone had left another different one on a neighboring table, so we snagged that one too.... and then the kids found a different one on the playground enclosure floor - so I snagged an umbrella that was laying against the wall and finagled around and finally got that one... then another kid on the playground alerted us to a different one on the other side (actually 3 of the same ones), so I tried with the umbrella but dropped it in the enclosure, so I borrowed a broom and got the umbrella and all 3 toys (we gave one to the boy who told us about them).... so yes, we came in and got one, but left with 4 different ones.... so now Im on the hunt to get the other 4.

Because, yall, I am crazy.... :)

And its like our favorite movie ever.... :)

And I hope my kids forever have the memory of their grown mother (with bright red hair), laying on the Mcdonalds floor with a broom trying to fish out cheap happy meal toys.

Seriously... I did that.

My mom would probably be so embarrased... :)

So I hope yall have a happy Friday and a great weekend!

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