Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Is it really Tuesday already... I feel like I havent blogged in forever... :)

Last week was pretty fun with the 4th thrown in there... we went and saw Despicable Me 2, which is the one movie weve been waiting and planning all year to go see since we love the first one so much and have probably seen it at least 100 times.... so that was fun, even if it was raining when we got out of the theater.  Later that evening, friends came over, Daniel grilled burgers and we got to watch a free fireworks show from our driveway.... yes!

The weekend was pretty awesome too.... Friday night for another treat, we hit the RedBox and rented Oz, which the kids enjoyed.... good movie but for me, it lacks the magic of the original.... and personally, I love the hard to find Return to Oz as well....

Saturday, we hit the Farmers Market, where Gabe won second place in the watermelon seed spitting contest - that was fun.... then b/c I was having withdrawals, we hit the thrift store - and I found a full tuxedo - with a tails jacket - for $17.... unreal!!!!  I was super excited.... and since we needed groceries, we drove to the big town a little bit away for a change of pace and loaded up on some essentials, and while we were there, we visted their Dirt Cheap and got a covered clothing rack for less than $6 - original price of about $60.... yes!  Super score on that one... :)

Sunday, we just kind of hung around the house.... nice... :)

So we have been busy having a good time, although probably not what the average person's idea of fun is.... but we were together as a family and just enjoyed each other...

I have also been majorly nesting lately... I cant believe we will probably travel in about 2 months... Im super excited.

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