Friday, July 5, 2013

A Book Review

So I read Marla Taviano's blog, she loves cambodia, missions, has 3 adorable girls, her husband is a photographer and she is a writer... and she introduced me to the writings of Rachel Held Evans, so yeah, sounds good, and no wonder I read her blog..... well, a while ago, she made an offer - if you will give an honest review of her book "Is That All He Thinks About?", then she would give you a copy for free..... which in all honesty, sounded like a good deal - Im all about some free books yall - and seriously, its a Christian book so it couldnt go that deep into the sex thing, so I wouldnt be too embarrassed to write a review for yall....

Well, I was kind wrong... it does go into the sex thing (in a married sense), but since this is a family friendly blog, Im not going to get into the nitty gritty of it... :) 

And since Im being totally honest here.... the book did not start out on a good note for me.  I felt it toe-ing the line dangerously close to "the submissive wife" role - and you guys know I dont play that game.... and she quoted from The Message - ugh, Ill admit Im a complete Bible snob and the message, well, I honestly want to throw it across the room.... :), hey just being honest here, thats why you love me, right?

Anyway... it did do a good job of showing how much sex is a need for a man, not just a want like it is for most women, and how easy it is to get lazy with things that arent a need for us....

As a bonus, my husband picked it up and read it and he also said he would give his thoughts about the book as well, so now Ill have to get on to him to do that... :)   But he did make a really good point that this book would be even better if it had a companion book speaking to men about what women want and need....

Overall, I think this book would be a good fit for someone who has been married for about 4-7 years - past that newlywed stage, but still feeling each other out and learning how to work on a marriage together.... :)


  1. Thanks, Addie. There IS a companion book for men. The Husband's Guide to Getting Lucky. :)

    And I like that you pointed out the "submission" thing. My point of view has changed much since I wrote that book. In fact, I recently re-released my first book (From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife) as a new e-book (The Wife Life) and completely re-wrote the submission chapter. :)

    Blessings to you, friend!

  2. Marla, how did I miss that book... He should have been reading that one instead of mine... Well, his birthday is coming up... :)