Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I cant believe its been so long since Ive blogged... I promise Im not ignoring yall, its just been so crazy lately... :)

Today was Daniel and the kid's first day back to school... Im hoping it goes well - I cant wait to hear about it when they get home.

Also, Friday, my work gave us a shower for Willow and it was one of the most amazing experiences Ive had - we felt very loved in that moment and it was just amazing to have people really be happy for us... we kind of missed out on that with Wallace's adoption, so to have it this time was just wonderful.

Also, my mom actually took Wallace for a few hours... that was pretty great too.

So far, no word on the Article 5 or our Visas, but we are holding steady.... still thinking we are traveling in September - and August is fastly filling up with things to do before we leave, but its mostly great stuff, so we are excited.

 Am hoping to get most of our stuff packed this weekend - it will make me feel better to have everything ready to go beforehand, so I can think about anything we might have missed and still have time to pack it before we go.

We have had so much good in our lives lately... we feel beyond blessed and we are so excited that we are getting so close to our new daughter being in our arms.... eek!!!!!

Thanks for hanging in there with us... I will try not to go so long between blogging next time... any questions for us?

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