Tuesday, July 23, 2013


There is nothing like getting a few hours work into a wedding to have your computer crash on you... and then crash again and again.


The last few days have been super stressful with my computer crashing... I have all my programs and work on there, so it has been crazy.  I know everyone thinks being a photographer is all fun and no work and no overhead costs - you just get a nice enough camera, start shooting, and burn a cd - but thats mostly just a pipe dream.  Being a real photographer costs way more money than you could ever make from it.

And its one thing to have a computer crash on your own personal photos... its another thing entirely to have them crash on someone's wedding photos.

Ive been so stressed out for the last 2 days, its made me physically ill.

So Daniel is taking it into a shop today - hoping its only there a day or two and doesnt cost an arm and a leg.

Its funny though b/c I was actually thinking of quitting this whole business - its become too much, and like I said, its expensive to keep up.... but I had the wedding from this past weekend and then a wedding in August and I was going to be done for awhile so I could concentrate on Willow and our family..... and it happens now - right before I wanted to be done, at the worst possible time.




In other news..... I learned that family from my other side also see Wallace as less

Remember, my VBS post a few posts back.... my aunt put a pic of her grandson/my cousin on facebook, and I mentioned that I wished our kids could go, but that they didnt have a place for Wallace.... her daughter/my cousin then commented that we should just bring Gabe and Emma

I just wish our family loved Wallace for real, instead of just being nice about it.

(yes, I know Im touchy)


In other news.... :)     Daniel and the kids start back to school in 2 weeks... this summer has flown by... I cant believe the school year is about to start.... crazy!

Well, I hope yall had a much more relaxing weekend than I did.... and lets hope my computer is just a minor fix and can be back in my hands soon!!!!


  1. Addie, hang in there! Hoping your computer is back & working pronto. As far as Wallace, your family is making an impact on the way people view ones who are different. Whether you can see it or not, others are watching & taking it in. Change is slow & sometimes hard to see.