Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Is it Wednesday already?

We hit 10 weeks of waiting on LOA yesterday... still no word from our agency lady who said she would get back to me.... but the Chinese embassy is closed this week anyway, so nothing is going to happen anyway, so next week, I will be bugging her to death b/c an 11 week wait is pretty unheard of.... I still would not be surprised if we got it a month ago and she never bothered to check her email for it....

*snark, snark... might as well be my middle name... :)

Watched The Little Couple last night get their son in China and I cried.... it brought back so many memories - good and bad - of being in that place with Wallace... I dont know if we are more prepared or less prepared for this new one.  It blows my mind to think we will have 4 kids - I think we are crazy sometimes, but I know our family isnt complete until she gets here.

Our memorial day weekend was good... we didnt really do too much... we visited with family, and I spent the majority of the 3 days working on photo props... b/c Im crazy.

This week and the next two weeks are pretty crazy.... either we are at the ballfield for Gabe's practice or games, we are the gym for Emma's practice or Im doing photo shoots.   But then, its always like this as summer starts gearing up.  July should be pretty laidback since we hadnt planned anything since we were hoping to travel then.  September is still the projected month to travel and we are looking forward to it.

Im actually trying to talk Daniel into letting us go ahead and start at least gathering everything we need for the trip now, so when it comes time to actually pack, it will all be one spot... sounds like a good plan to me.

Anyway... nothing new to report.... still waiting.

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