Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Still waiting

Blah, blah, blah... nothing new to say.

Except Im kind of losing faith in our new agency worker - the one we had for our dossier was amazing and awesome.... but the one for this step... well, not so much.  She didnt even tell us we were LID until we asked about it and that was 2 weeks after we got it.

Recently, I found out that quite a few people got LOA on Monday... people that were LID a month after us.  That seems weird.  So I emailed our worker 2 days ago to see if she had heard anything about hers, but hadnt heard anything this morning, so I emailed her again, and she finally emailed back saying the typical wait was 5-16 weeks.  Originally, she told me (9 weeks ago) that typical wait was 5-12 weeks.   So Im kind of losing faith in her "expertise" in this area.  I am truly wondering if we have attracted another scatterbrained adoption worker.

Yall dont get me wrong, she is really nice.... but she really seems to lack the understanding of the urgency of the situation and the importance of keeping us updated.... which is really frustrating.

Honestly, I wonder if we are going to have a repeat of the LID situation where she emails me something along the lines of "oh, you had LOA for 2 weeks now, they have been waiting on you to send back your LSC stuff"... which will be good b/c we actually have it, but bad b/c we will have lost 2 weeks that we cant regain.

But who knows.... who honestly knows why China doesnt process things in order, or what is going on.

Trying to really believe that everything works out in the right time... its hard to hear that though when my daughter is waiting on the other side of the world and Im not allowed to go snatch her up yet.

Anyway... long story short.... we are still waiting and havent heard anything.

In other news, Gabe had his awards day yesterday and he got an award for highest average in math - which is awesome, since he was only 1 of 4 kids in his class to get an award.... proud mom.

And today is the last day of class for all 3 kids - they get out at 11 today and boy have they been looking forward to it, I cant even tell you.  And poor Daniel has two more days before he is out for the summer.  Must be hard (ha ha, sense the sarcasm from someone who works in a cubicle 40 hours a week, regardless of the season).... no doubt though I am happy - all 4 of them have worked really hard and will definitely have a lot of fun this summer.  Maybe they will come and take me out to lunch every once in awhile even.

The weather has finally decided to stay warm here, so this past weekend, Daniel and I decided to switch out seasonal clothes for the kids.... Daniel took on the boys and Emma and I took on her closet, which had become a mess - but she was a trooper and such a help and we got it all done.  It severely made me want to nest for Willow though so my patience is wearing a little thinner every day... but I promise I am trying.

At least its Wednesday and this weekend is a 4 day weekend.... :)

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