Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Monday

Its been a busy week... you know, besides in the adoption world... ahem.... but as they say, life goes on... :)

Let me give you a sneak peek of last week and this week and the next week... :) (it all includes me working 8 hours every day as well)
Monday, May 27th - memorial day - we cleaned the house and cut the grass... yay us!
Tuesday - dr's appt, Gabe practice
Wednesday - photoshoot
Thursday - Emma practice 4-6, Gabe game 6-7
Friday - photoshoot
Saturday - fundraising carwash for cheerleader 9-12, clean house, rained out photoshoot (decided after there), friends over for dinner (yay!)
Sunday - Daniel church, editing pics, Daniel play audition, 2 hours to Birmingham, Jennifer Knapp concert, dinner, 2 hours home - home around midnight

This week
Monday - Wallace appt 1:00, Gabe team pics 6:00, Gabe game 7:00
Tuesday - library reading program starts 10:00, Emma practice 4-6
Wednesday - photoshoot
Thursday - dentist 3:00, Emma practice 4-6, photoshoot, Gabe game 6:00
Friday - Gabe game 7:00
Saturday - time with family
Sunday - time with family

Next week
Monday - hair appt 3:30, Gabe game 7:00
Tuesday - library 10:0, Emma practice 4-6, Gabe game 6:00
Wednesday - photoshoot
Thursday - Emma practice 4-6
Friday - wedding rehearsal, Gabe game 6:00
Saturday - wedding all day
Sunday - Fathers day

Whew... if you actually read all that, then Im impressed... but once we get past next week, things will start settling into a real summer routine and that will be nice.

So yes, last night, Daniel, Wallace and I went to see Jennifer Knapp - we got to meet and talk for a minute and since we worked her merch table, we got in free - awesome!  And music is always my favorite date.... it means that we didnt get home until midnight though, so I was tired when I had to be at work at 6:30 this morning, but so worth it.

As for the adoption - still no word on LOA and we hit 11 weeks tomorrow, which is pretty unheard of - thats a long wait since most people are getting theirs between 6-9 weeks.... I had an email into our agency lady almost 2 weeks ago, but she hasnt gotten back to me yet, so I emailed her again this morning.... and I keep planning to email her every day... yeah, not super happy about it - hey, I havent emailed her for 10 weeks, I was doing good, but now, Im just kind of needing some answers

I totaled everything up - expenses and savings and right now, we will still need about $3600 before we travel in September (and thats with scrimping through summer)... so I am open to any and all ideas!  And thanks to everyone who has given to us - we appreciate that so much!  Yall are awesome

And yeah... thats about it... need to get back to work.... have a good day!


  1. I am afraid I have been seeing LOAs taking longer :( So you are still in there. That is great that you are getting so close to having the funds. You will get there!

  2. well, thats good to know - Ive seen alot more get LOA's lately, so I dont know... hopefully my agency lady will know something