Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Friday!

Yay, I finally get pictures up on this blog.... you would never even know I was a photographer, would you?

Anyway.... today was Wallace's kindergarten awards day at school.... he got a drama award, a music award and a star student award.... His class did a couple of songs and motions with them, and although he wasnt really singing, he did mouth all the words and did all the motions correctly with everyone else.  When he came in, he went straight to his spot and stood there quietly.... when they called his names for awards, he stood up, and then sat back down nicely when his turn was over.... so in other words, he did amazing today.  I was super impressed - he was so good and seemed genuinely happy that his family was there (A, you were missed!)

Its hard to believe that Wallace is 2-3 years older than the rest of his class.... he is getting so big though and is such a big boy! 

Cant believe that school is almost out.... the kids are all ready, Daniel is too!  And finally the weather has finally decided to turn warm... now if it would just quit raining... :)

I hope all of you have a great weekend... and to all the women out there - happy mothers day!

This is for you!


  1. HOW CUTE IS HE!!!!!!

    Felicia Smith

  2. It looks like he is doing great! So cute!