Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So we hit 8 weeks of waiting for LOA today... so sad I still cant show you pictures yet.  Honestly, I did not think it would take so long for this step b/c besides a little snag with the home study being written up, everything else has been sailing along.  Well, I am getting a good lesson in patience, I guess.

So Friday night, Gabe had a baseball game and his team came so close to winning... heartbreaking b/c they played so well... nevertheless, they had a huge cheering section... :)

Saturday, we went to a birthday party and it was even warm enough (which is weird to say for MS in May) that the kids could play in some water - they had a blast.

And then Saturday night, Daniel and I had a real date night... it will probably be our last one for another year or so, so we figured we better make it good.  So we went and saw Gatsby, which I loved b/c it was very true to the book, the acting was good, the scenery was brilliant, Baz Lurhman is amazing and the soundtrack fun.... after that, we went and got a late dinner and then a 1/2 price milkshake from Sonic to top it all off.... how fun.

Sunday was Mothers Day, so the kids made me cards, which was so sweet... and then off we went to the zoo, which is one of our favorit-est places to be, and the weather was just perfect.  That afternoon, I had an engagement shoot (total goth/steampunk - score me!) so Daniel and the kids visited Target and 2nd & Charles.... we also visited World Market, where Daniel and the kids got me a silicone spiked bracelet, which Emma found and knew I would love - love how my kids are ok with my goth/punk self.... :)  The kids voted to eat dinner at Cracker Barrel, where they were complimented by the waitress on how well behaved and polite they were - which was also a nice mothers day present to me... :)

We didnt get in until late, and everyone hit the bed around 10:30 (kids) and 11:00 (mom & dad)... so we were all quite tired when we had to get up at 6 on Monday.... but we survived.

The weekend was so fun and amazing so that will definitely be a source of good memories when I need something to hang onto in the ebb and flow of life that always happens.

So we are doing good.... :)

Hopefully, we will get LOA soon b/c that would be awesome... we still plan to travel in September... and we still need around $6-9K before we travel... its all so crazy, but we will make it, I guess.

If nothing else, Daniel and the kids will soon be out for summer and that will make everything seem better... Hope you are having a great week!

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  1. 8 weeks! Oh no that isn't good. I was hoping it was going faster. If you are looking at Sept I better start looking at Oct :( Praying it comes soon!