Friday, May 3, 2013

Disney giveaway!

Hey, our family made the 3 finalists for a Disney giveaway - if you have a minute, could you visit - and click on the Talley family - I think once your pic shows up next to it, then thats good!

We would love to win... and the kids would absolutley love to fly on a plane to get there... so could you vote - and maybe share?

(anyone have any idea where we stand in that - I cant check fb from work, and last night we were still down by about 500 votes or so)


So still no LOA today, so Im guessing we are traveling in September, which is just as good - it means we wont miss any birthdays, weddings or holidays and the weather should be nice.

Hope everyone has a great weekend... thanks for voting for us!


  1. You can't travel in September because I am way behind you and I want to travel then! You have to be home by then :) Praying your LOA comes this week and the rest goes really fast!