Monday, April 1, 2013


Thank you Lannie!


Its been 15 days since we were DTC (documents to China), and LID (log in date) comes shortly after that, well, the average has been about 9 days for most people, so instead of waiting like I did with our first adoption, I decided to be pro-active and just ask about it.

Turns out, we got our LID on March 19th (4 days!) and no one told us.

So yeah.... definitely celebrating today!

According to timelines, the average travel date for us is July.... WHAT?!!!  Did you read that?  July?  For real?

Now... that is awesome, but Im not holding my breath... that is just the average timeframe, so in order to go in July, everything would have to be super-duper-smooth sailing from here on out.

Although, one thing going in our favor is that we already have PA (pre-approval) for our little girl, so thats one less thing we have to wait on.

July.... amazing!