Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Happy Happy

Yes, Daniel loves Duck Dynasty...

On to bigger and better things... :)

Last Thursday, Daniel and I got to go on a real-to-life actual date!  Uh yeah... awesome!  We usually get 2 dates a year - one for my birthday and then usually a random day sometime throughout the year.  Since my birthday was in December, its been about 4 months since we have been alone together.  We always have at least one child with us... always.

So we went to a concert in Birmingham... and nope, for all you local folk, that is not a misprint - we did not go see John Mayer in Tuscaloosa (for all you non-locals, Tuscaloosa is on the way to Birmingham).  We got to see one of our most favorite singers ever - Chris Trapper (lead singer of the The Pushstars) in this super tiny venue.  It was amazing!   There was maybe 20 people there, which I know is crazy, but yeah, him and Jesse Terry sang sets and they talked about each song and we got to chat with them after the show.... one of the best concerts ever.  And even better, we got in free b/c we offered to do the merch table.  Yay for us.

We didnt get into the bed until 1 AM (and had to be back up at 6 AM)... but so totally worth it!

Daniel did promise to take me to see Gatsby for Mothers Day, since Ive been waiting for it to come out since last year after I read the book, but since we are saving money for the adoption, I dont know.... but I do know that it will most likely be our last day for over a year - once Willow gets here, we dont expect her to leave our side for awhile.

Otherwise, we had a busy weekend full of friends and meetings and school stuff....

Im super tired, but Im here....

Hope yall had a great weekend!

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