Friday, April 5, 2013


Thank you Lannie... :)


I dont know about yall but I am so glad its Friday... and around here, the weather is going to be perfect, so double-awesome... :)

Sorry I havent posted much... mostly due to the fact that Wallace's school (or rather one person in particular at his school) is not playing nice again.... again Wednesday, he was sent home with a fever - a fever that they have on paper as going down while he was there at school... a fever that magically cured itself when the babysitter went to pick him up at school.... and a fever that was no longer there for the rest of the day - kind of like if it never existed in the first place.

I had a hard time believing this certain person would pull this stunt again when we just met with Central office at the beginning of this year.

Sorry, Charlie... we are not the parents you are going to bully... just not going to happen.

Ugh... Ill be so glad when this school year is over.


In other news, I just found out that when its time to fill out our I800 and DS230, that our agency fills that out for us... so all we have to do is sign it and mail it back in.... awesome!!!

That will be a huge timesaver.... hurray!


Have a great weekend!

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