Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So either no one is reading or no one cares or no one wants me to know they are reading.... most likely a bit of all 3.... so I guess I will just keep doing what Im doing, at least for now.

So the story continues.... apparently, Wallace's teachers have gotten all huffy and decided to take their ball and go home, but in this case "the ball" is Wallace's communication notebook.

Because Wallace is non-verbal, there is a notebook left in his bookbag every day so the teachers can write how his day went, what happened if he was bad, if he got hurt, etc, etc..... and we also write in it if we notice any behavior changes or if wallace had a bad night, etc, etc.

Apparently they didnt care for what I wrote the other day, so they decided just to ignore us and turn off the communication by confiscating his notebook.... and when Daniel sent a note in his folder yesterday asking where it was, it got confiscated as well.

It actually becomes pretty comical to a point..... until hopefully they realize that it isnt us that they are hurting.  Its Wallace.  He is the one that benefits from us having this notebook.... makes you wonder, doesnt it?

They still have yet to schedule a time for me to come visit, but at this point, Im thinking that its not even worth the effort. 

We are counting down the days to be done.  And now, its less than a month.


In adoption news, we are on day 36 of LOA wait.  Still praying for a miracle and that it would come this week so we could travel early.... and so I can show you pictures - such a doll-baby!

We are also down to only needing $7,000-9,000 before we travel.... that is still alot but its slowly coming down so we are rejoicing in that.... (the $2000 difference in numbers is b/c we dont know how much plane tickets will be until we get closer to travel, so hopefully they will be on the lower side.)

Not too much else to post on the adoption... just waiting and fundraising.  Once we get LOA, then things will start speeding along again.


I felt like the kids had been growing lately, so I pulled out the boards that we use to measure their birthday heights and sure enough, all three have grown an inch or more (since August and November)... Gabe is now up to my chin at 8 years old... crazy!

Ok, thats all I got for now... does anyone have any questions?


  1. less than one month left of school and you have not met with the teachers? and your child is nonverbal? Seems to me like this should have been a priority at the beginning of the year - not the end? I hope you find happiness and peace with your growing family over the summer -it does seem to me that this site is borderline "cyber bullying" without mentioning the teachers name. May peace be with you as Wallace's year ends and your summer begins.

  2. Citizen... go back and read through the posts from the beginning of the school year and see that we have tried and tried and tried and tried to schedule a time for me to go and observe the class... they either kept telling me to come at lunch (sorry, that tells me nothing about his class) or ignored my request for a visit. Even when we met with the teathers, principals and central office at the beginning of this year, they promised to schedule us an appointment, but they still havent done it.

    You really see me as the bully here? Again, I think you should go back and read past posts and see how the school has acted (not too mention all the posts I made private about his first year, same school). Put yourself in my shoes and then see how you would feel. I hate to be confrontational, but I will fight tooth and nail for my children, if need be. I think most parents feel that way.

    But I appreciate your wishes of peace... and definitely thankful this school year is almost over.

  3. I do think that by posting in this blog about your child and the unhelpful way you feel his teachers relate to you that you are only damaging your relationship with his "day time mommies." Like it or not... these women (or men, like your husband)spend the majority of the day caring for your children while you are at work. I think your efforts would be better spent forming good relationships with your childrens teachers or adminstration rather than ripping them to shreds for all to read. Poor time management for someone who posts about all the things she is doing....this is just one citizens opinion though

  4. Addie....I believe you are justified with your "frustrations" and do not see any of your post as cyber-bullying. If Concerned Citizen feels this way so be it but know that a lot your readers and supporters do not feel this way and continue to hope for the best for you and your family. As the communication folder, in my humble opinion that is low taking a line of communication regarding a child out of the picture. It is almost if they are afraid there is something in there that can be harmful to them. At least as outsider looking in, I would see it that way. At this point it sounds like all you can do is make it through the next month and hope and pray that Wallace's teachers next year are more open to communication and will push him to do the things in class that he needs to do.

  5. Dear CC... to just be an "innocent bystander", you seem awfully involved in this battle... one might wonder if you were personally involved or not (wink, wink). But I guess since you have hidden behind an anonymous name, we will never know.... :)

    Anyway, Im a bit offended that you are insinuating that I have poor time management - Im not sure what you are basing that off of - that I have 2 jobs, am a mother to three (one with special needs), am a wife of 11 years, I volunteer, I write 2 blogs, I help take care of a house, 2 dogs and a cat, am currently adopting another special needs child internationally, I go to baseball games, tumbling practice and dr appointments - all while helping with homework, reading before bed and spending alot of time out with my family?

    No offense, but it seems like you have the worse time management skills b/c you read blogs that you find offensive and offer sympathy to people you dont even know (wink, wink)... just curious, how did you find my blog anyway?

    Anyway... besides that, we have tried to build positive relationships with Wallace's teachers - we have done everything they asked for and offered help in any way possible, we have taken their suggestions to heart and done what we could - you could ask Wallace's teacher from last year (who we love and was great with Wallace) - she will still speak to us whenever we see her out... or ask Gabe and Emma's teachers or even their principal - they love us at their school.... the problem comes in when we have asked Wallace's teachers for certain things - take him to the bathroom and make sure he goes, dont let him sleep through class, its ok if he doesnt want to eat lunch, its ok if he has a runny nose b/c the dr said he has allergies, put him in time out if he is acting badly... but they refuse to do these things and it is negatively affecting wallace. Wallace was very spoiled and awful when we got him home, we worked hard for 2 years to get him to a good state and potty trained - when they dont maintain that standard at school, he regresses quickly and it undoes all the hard work that weve done which is beyond frustrating.

    And as you can see from Brandy's comment, few people think we are acting unreasonably. We havent made any outrageous requests from the school - just that they respect our rules at home, do the things that are best for Wallace's health and treat Wallace as a person

    Brandy, I cant tell you how much Daniel and I both appreciate your comment and support - as you can see, the negative people are alot more vocal, so it feels good to have someone on our side... thank you... we definitely are happy to have an outsider's opinion - thank you for commenting.

    As for your noticing that they took up his notebook b/c they feel that there might be something to hide - there might be something to that... although since I have kept meticulous records - dated and in writing - it doesnt really matter what they keep (and I dont know how they dont realize that since they all read this blog (right CC?))

    Thank you again for your comments.

  6. I was looking around the blog sphere searching for a blog about Hong Kong adoptions and came across yours. We have 2 children ages 12 and 11. They are the light of our lives and we love them so much but want to share the love with another child. Both of our children are from S Korea but we are feeling pulled toward China or Hong Kong this time around. What are your thoughts? How has the adoption process been?

  7. Jennifer - hey - email me at - I would LOVE to talk to you... :)