Monday, April 8, 2013

Lions and Tiger and Bears, Oh My!

This weekend was packed full... :)

Recently, Daniel and I discovered that we actually work well as a team when it comes to big projects that both of us care about (ie: its not one that one of has to be the leader and tell the other what to do on)... that was when we rearranged the kids rooms to move the bunk beds to the girls room - we got alot accomplished that day and got alot of clutter out as well.  So I am all about the big project now... :)

And it was supposed to be up in the 70s this weekend, which meant I wanted to be outside... so I had a great idea...

Lets clean out the garage!

We cleaned out the garage last year, but since then, it had become a landing place for pretty much anything and everything and was now a maze that likely would result in someone getting hurt if you went in there.

And you know what... it only took about 5 or 6 hours.... which sounds like a lot, but this is a two car garage packed FULL!  We took out everything that needed to be thrown away, organized all the stuff for a yard sale and put up all the odds and ends floating around.... so exciting... and I felt SO accomplished by the end of the day.

Although, there was one mishap that happened... and it scared me to death...

It was me, Daniel and Wallace at the house and we stopped cleaning the garage for a bit to have lunch... we all ate lunch and rested for a few minutes.  Then Wallace asked to go back outside which was fine b/c we were heading out there right behind him... and we live at the end of a dead end street so there arent that many cars that come down that far.  He went outside and hopped straight on his bike and took off.  Wallace is only allowed to ride on the little part of road that is right in front of our house unless Daniel or I is out there - and he knows that very well - there is a part of the road that goes across that marks where he cant cross.  He has never passed this mark without someone watching him (and him watching them watching him).

So after he goes out, I go to the bathroom and head outside.  And Wallace is not there.

He is not hiding behind one of the cars... he is not in the neighbors driveway, he is not on the side of the house, he is not our other neighbors yard.... and then I hear a child laugh... whew!

Except it was our neighbor's grandchildren and not Wallace.

(let me remind you that Wallace is pretty much non-verbal and unaware - he doesnt know to get out of the road when a car is coming, he cant tell a stranger where he lives, he cant even cry out for help if he falls off his bike)

So panic sets in.

Daniel checks in again on our neighbors property, and I start running down the road.

And I finally see him..... all the way at the end.

I have no idea how he got that far so fast.... and he was in no hurry to get back home either.

So thankful that no cars came at that time and no one snatched him up.

When I finally got to him, I noticed he wasnt even wearing his helmet (another big no-no! that he knows) and he didnt think he had done anything wrong.

Honestly, I wanted to rip him off that bike right then and there and give him a really big spanking (normally we dont spank wallace, he gets a swat every once in a while for outright disobedience, but thats it).... but I was so relieved that he was ok and we had found him, that we just had a good talk and he had to sit in time out for a while when he got home... his bike also had to sit in time out for the rest of the day.... which was way more upsetting to wallace when he wanted to ride it about an hour later.

So thankful... but talk about scary.


After all that garage cleaning, I got to go do a fun senior session with a really sweet girl.... so that was a great way to end the day.

Sunday,  I spent all day editing the senior session and then met with a sweet family that evening for another session... fun!

We rounded out the day as a family in front of the tv watching Anne of Green Gables... since the Bible is finished coming on, we still wanted to keep that ritual of us all gathered together for a little bit to end the week.


This weekend is a really fun wedding that Ive been looking forward to for awhile... so no cleaning, but lots of work and fun still!

Hope yall had a great weekend!

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