Friday, April 12, 2013


I gotta take a minute and thank Daniel's mom for buying 80 tickets from our puzzle fundraiser - awesome and so appreciated.... that puts us up to 449 pieces sold - so almost halfway!

And Willow's birthday is coming up this month.... helping to get her family to her would be a great birthday present.

Daniel and I sat last night and figured out all the expenses that we still have and all the savings and money that we are getting soon (tax refund, booked weddings, etc) and we still need about $8-10K before we travel.... not exactly sure how that is going to happen.... but we MUST get to our daughter.

And speaking of Willow... we got our update this morning.... I was so, so excited!
- I cannot wait to show you pictures - she is an absolute doll-baby....
- She is perfectly healthy
- She is living with a foster family and has been living with them for almost a year and has formed attachments to them - this is hugely encouraging and it means she is getting one on one care
- She has already started potty training
- She is walking and walking well
- She is talking in 2-5 word sentences

I felt like we won the lottery this morning when I saw the pictures and read the update.... I cant tell you... I was about to burst.... I feel like I need to cry just to let out some of the emotions that have built up, but work is not the right place for that....

I cannot wait to get to her.... cannot wait.

So, if you could, please pass along this next part to anyone who will listen...
- I am now offering 50% off any wedding package if you book before May.... HUGE discount, if youve ever looked into wedding photography... and 100% of the profits are going to our adoption.
website is, photo blog is and email is

PLEASE please PLEASE help us to make this a reality... :)

Thank you.... :)

We are still on week 3 of our LOA wait... really praying for it to happen in week 5... and once it happens, I get to share pics with yall.... so exciting!

Hope yall have a great weekend!

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  1. Congratulations on getting an update and pictures! I love the name Willow. That was one of several names we were deciding for Sunny's middle name. It will all work out Addie. Advertise and advertise for that wedding package....a great deal!