Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So yesterday, Daniel and I went to the doctors office for our medicals... we got

-vision test
- tb test
- urinalysis
- drug test
- HIV test
- blood test
- Hep B test

I think that may be it, but Im not totally certain... we go back tomorrow to have our tb tests run and pick up all the paperwork... yippee! And if you were wondering, yes, all those tests came out of our pocket - ouch!

But Daniel and I have a new fundraiser that we are excited about and will be announcing soon... :)


Yesterday, we were also supposed to get the following, but none of them happened

-last reference letter.... the person keeps making excuses about it, but is supposed to have it to us today, but Im not holding my breath... ugh, we asked her before thanksgiving for it

- police clearance letters.... they were supposed to do one for both Daniel and I, but instead put them on one letter, so those will have to be separated out, so we should have that tomorrow

- self employment letter from the CPA... went by to pick this up, but they were closed early.... already called them and they have it ready today


Today, I have to go get the kids early from school and take them to the dr so he can write a letter that they are all healthy..

and then we drive straight to our agency (an hour away) for our last home study visit...


tomorrow we get our tb tests read and pick up our medical paperwork... and then Friday Daniel gets fingerprinted.... and that should be about it for the homestudy

our dossier specialist is looking over all our dossier paperwork now, so once we have everything together, we can send that straight away.


blogger is being a butthead today... ugh....

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