Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So alot has been happening.... :)

- our LOI was translated and sent in yesterday

- I talked to our social worker on the phone and she was super sweet and eager to help us get our home study done right and fast.... excited!

- Daniel and I both asked our employers to do their required letters yesterday, so those should be done before the end of the week

- hoping all the reference letters will be in before the end of the week as well

- just completed our 10 hours of hague training today, so I will be turning in those certificates soon

- birth certificates and marriage license will be delivered today or tomorrow

- getting our background check permissions signed and witnessed today and will get those in today or tomorrow

- got our medical appointments scheduled for Nov 27th, and the kids sheet has been turned into the dr - but they may need well child visits to complete it

Yeah, so like I said, I am on the ball and trying to get as much done as possible... and hope to have everything done before December... :)

The home study requires 4 visits, so we have to get those done as well, but since our social worker is on board, those can be done quickly.

Once our home study is done...
- we file for the I800A, and once we get approval for that
- we turn in the dossier
- we get matched with our girl
- file for the I800
- travel

Like I said, I am busting my butt to get us in China next summer, but each step takes time.... and oh, lots of money... yeah, if anything, the money is going to be the hang up.... (if you are curious, this adoption is going to be about $25,000 and we have to have all of it before we can travel)

well, it will all work out, Im sure of it... :)

Edited to add: we just got our pre-approval from China to adopt the girl we wanted... woo hoo!  And our first home study meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow!


  1. Addie, We are praying for you all as start this process again. Jumping through the hoops of paperwork is awful and long. Social workers are quick to submit the necessary paperwork but then wait. I am not a waiter and ended up having to fight to get some of our work processed. Hope this time around you things will go much smoother for you and your Social worker will be lots of help.

  2. Looks like we both got great news today. So happy for your family, Addie!

  3. Congratulations on your PA. That's fantastic news.