Friday, November 9, 2012

The Fighter

This is a fake tattoo I gave myself in college... it took 2-3 hours or so... I still love it... :)

So if you were looking for a happy, sunny adoption blog when you came here, then you are probably going to be disappointed.  Thats just not me and thats not what adoption is about.  Adoption is hard.  It takes work and fighting and endurance.... and honestly, I get so irritated with all those blogs out there that make it look like a cake walk... b/c it isnt.

Today I am putting on my armor b/c Im about to go into battle.

I once read "If you want to run head on into your enemy and meet him in his territory, then adopt."

Its true, adoption is a spiritual battle.  I learned that the last time... it left me quite jaded.  But I still believe in adoption with all my heart.  And no, I dont think adoption is for everyone... but I do think everyone should do something - whatever it is you know you should be doing, then do it.

But this doesnt mean that Daniel and I are saints... I promise you we arent.  We are human and we make alot of mistakes and we hurt each other and other people.  If we have hurt you in any way, then we are sorry.  I know people mean well, but when they say things like "yall are so awesome for doing this" or "I so admire you", it makes us feel conflicted b/c we really, really appreciate the support and encouragement, but we dont feel like we are doing anything out of the ordinary.  If someone else had your child, wouldnt you do everything in your power to get them to you?  (and feel a little weird when someone told you they admired you for doing it?)

But we are not clueless or naive either.... the battle is just starting.... but believe you me (I love that saying), I am ready to fight.  I already know we will fall and come out of this bruised and battered... but we will come out on other side.... :)

I hope you join us on this journey... we will take all the company we can get... :)

Ok, enough with the philosophical this morning (and if you havent had your fill, check out my other blog,

Yesterday, late afternoon, I got the instructions for the dossier... wow, its going to be a booger-bear... and for you not raised in the south, that means its tough and huge and super overwhelming.  (like 1-2" thick of paperwork to read and gather).... but dang it, I am going to get it done.  And in record time....

I am about to wage war and jump into the middle of this fight.... lets see where it takes us... :)


  1. Best wishes with the "blasted" paperwork. I wish the process was easier. I still remember how crazy it made us. It's so worth it (as you know) but it certainly is a booger-bear!!

  2. Hey Addie - I'm so excited to be following along on this journey with you! You didn't say but I'm guessing you're not going with the same agency you did last time? Which one are you going with? Can you tell us anymore about the sweet girl you are pursuing?