Thursday, November 8, 2012


So Im sure most of you reading probably know us, but I figured it would be a good idea to introduce us for all the newbies here.... :)

We are the Talleys... Daniel and I (Addie) have been married for almost 11 years... we have two bio children, Gabe and Emma, and one adopted son, Wallace.  We live in Mississippi and have 2 dogs and 1 cat.

Me... my name is Addie.... I work 40 hours in a cubicle desk job, and I also am a photographer on the side, which is my love (, - I want to go full time, but havent had the means to yet.  I am kind of a punk/goth girl and yeah, I dye my hair red and have half of my head shaved... Id love to have some piercings but my mom would kill me and Id probably get fired, so maybe later... :)

Daniel is my husband.  He teaches 8th grade English and this is his second year of teaching... he is a great husband and father and my best friend.

Gabe is our oldest kid.  He just turned 8 and is an exact-mini-replica of me... he looks like I did at 8 (minus the long hair I had) and acts the same way I do... he is my brain child that loves numbers and is super sensitive and has the sweetest heart.

Emma is our youngest kid.  She is a girly girl except hates to wear dresses... she loves Hello Kitty, pink and My Little Pony - I have trained her well.  She is tiny-tiny and turns 6 on Tuesday.  She wants to be a cheerleader when she grows up, so Ive definitely had some influence there.... she also is my social butterfly, her daddy's influence there.... and she takes no crap from anyone... :)

Wallace is our middle kid.  He turns 8 on Sunday.  He was adopted right after he turned 6 in 2010 (thanksgiving week!).  He was adopted from Hong Kong.  He has down syndrome and a host of other serious medical needs, but right now, he is doing really well.  Wallace is usually happy and LOVES attention.... he can also be super stubborn.

We had a hard time when we adopted Wallace b/c it felt like we didnt have alot of support, and also because Wallace was super spoiled in HK so his behaviors were awful.... it took a long time to get everyone in our family to a place where we felt like a family... but now we are in a really good place.

ok, so there you go... thats us in a nutshell... :)

As for the adoption.... Im trying to remain optimistic, but our home study agency was supposed to get us into the online system yesterday, but there was a glitch and we couldnt get in... they were supposed to let us know something today, but so far no word, so I will email them around lunch and give a friendly reminder. 

We had so many problems and setbacks during Wallace's adoption and our social worker and agency acted like they could care less.... if something could go wrong, it did - and not just once, but over and over and over.... so you will have to forgive me if Im a little jaded about adoption agencies and such... Im trying to keep positive but its always there in the back of my mind... and as I said in the last post, in order for us to travel next summer, everything has to run smoothly and quickly - I hope thats the case.

Edited to add: got the online stuff fixed, next is getting physicals and background checks... crossing our fingers we can do this ASAP!

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