Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Up and going!

So yes, its true, we are adopting again... :)

We have found a little one year old girl in China that we are trying to pursue... we put the paperwork and first agency fee and homestudy application in last week.

So now we are just in a mountain of paperwork trying to sift through it all.

We are really hoping to travel next summer b/c we will have to be over there 2 weeks, and since Daniel is a teacher, it means that he wouldnt have to take vacation.... in order for that to happen, everyone involved has to work quickly and efficiently and everything has to go smoothly....

Honestly, Im a bit jaded from our last adoption experience where if something could go wrong, then it did - multiple times... we also had people working with us that werent in a hurry or didnt really care about things... so it was very frustrating!

Also, we are in the big money stages... already weve paid some big money... and some more big money is expected soon... we hope you will partner with us in our fundraising efforts to bring this little girl home!

Ok, I cant think of anything else, but feel free to ask questions... :)