Tuesday, November 27, 2012


So the dr's office called this morning and said they had to move the kids to tomorrow instead of Thursday...

Got fingerprinted yesterday... Daniel will try to do his on Friday


We did not get to have Chinese take out for dinner last night... bummed... but yesterday, Daniel found out that he was scheduled to work a basketball game last night, so we decided that we needed to wait until everyone could be there....

... but we still had to celebrate Wallace's 2nd family day... but what to do?

Well, lucky for us, I love World Market, so usually when we go in there, I will pick up one new food item to try... usually of the Asian persuasion b/c I like to incorporate the Asian culture into our lives as much as possible... so we had a few different things to pick from.... so here is what we had last night
- Thai noodles, plain.... they were kind of flavorless and boring
- cantonese style rice... rice with veggies in them... really good (I got them b/c of the cantonese part as that is what Hong Kong speaks, so I thought it might be closer to what Wallace was used to rather than just regular rice)
- coconut curry.... I made this to go over the noodles, but it had a different taste - sweet and spicy that I didnt think the kids would like, so I just served it on the side
- corn.... sorry, we didnt have any Asian veggies, so I just opted for what we had that everyone liked

and of course, we got to use chopsticks.... which you can imagine trying to eat corn with chopsticks.... Wallace and I opted out and used the fork instead, while Gabe and Emma decided it was fun to eat corn and rice one piece at a time

Ok, so here is the fun part.... :)

Gabe, Emma and I ate normally... honestly, the noodles were so bland that they didnt really taste good (I think you are supposed to actually use them in soup), and we didnt really like the curry sauce.... the rice and corn were good, but as mentioned before, Gabe and Emma were eating them one piece at a time so they were taking forever....

Meanwhile... Wallace is gobbling up his plate like its going out of style... so when he gets done, he moves to put his plate in the sink, so I ask him if he is done, but I really expect him to ask for more... but instead he insures me that he is done, so he is allowed to go get a piece of candy (if the kids finish their dinner, they get a piece of candy, it works for us)... so he goes and picks out his candy and comes back to the table to eat it.

I get done, so I move to the living room couch, which is close to the table so I can still see everyone... Gabe gets done, so he gets up, and Emma decided that she needed a break (normally, she doesnt get to get up until she is done, but without Daniel there, I didnt really feel like taking on the battle for myself, and she knows she has to finish before bed)... so Gabe and Emma move to the living room and start playing for a minute.... well, as Wallace gets done with his candy, he slips over to Emma's plate and finishes it off for her..... she soon goes back to her plate to find Wallace there with no food left....

hilarious.... and he has never done that before... sneaky, sneaky.... :)


I forgot to mention that this past weekend, we got to have lunch with a sweet family that is thinking about adopting from China as well... I love talking to other families who are starting this path... :)


ok, so thats about it... medical test/drug tests/blood tests and TB tests today... woo hoo!

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  1. So glad things are going well for the adoption! Sounds like you are moving right along! Maybe we will get to meet up in China!!!